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Prabhakar Raghavan Not CEO of Google-Just Drive

I certainly have.

We use Duplex to order businesses.

So you have robots that make phone calls and let people know? I hope you reveal that it is a robot at the other end.

“This is a Google Duplex robot. We want to know if you have changed your hours. And there is a little discussion. “What about Saturday?” We took this, and made millions of changes.

Are you back at the office?

I have them, but not often. We have open beans that we put in our barns. I have been to several of them. I think people will have to step back and build confidence gradually. This will add up and start, especially if the disease suddenly spreads to other parts of the world or new species are being discovered. But I think, over time, we will be encouraged again.

Some people think that after Covid the whole culture of helping working people with more restaurants and massage and dry cleaning will never come back. Is it all over?

I wouldn’t say it’s a habit to please an employee. I think we want our schools to be places of learning where employees want to come back. That is why I believe we will not give up.

How often do you chat with Larry Page now?

They appear, especially at board meetings. Apart from that, there is a huge number of emails that they participate in and clearly show what they are doing. When he says something, it makes sense. And you’re like, “Oh my God, what did He just say? I have to think it over!”

Tell me about your relationship with Sundar Photayi, your boss. You have similar customs, having attended the same school in India. How do you work together?

I don’t know if being from there really helps. We have similarities, and we have our differences. I have a lot of professional natives, they have more business than I do. And that’s why sometimes I can get involved in detail. They do it on purpose, simply producing a variety of objects. I try to be as thoughtful as he is.

Before he became CEO of Alphabet, he was a Google executive. I know you are not looking at YouTube or Google Cloud, but you are a big Google now. Right?

I can’t say I’m such a thing.

Search, promotions, ads, maps. This was all about Google.

I think the way I interpret it as Google is bigger than ever.

Your return to the work you did for IBM. While IBM was big in the 80s, it had nowhere to go with what the big modern companies have now. Have you ever wondered how professional companies can have such statistics and such power over people?

You put it as a force on the people. I think more than power. I wake up honestly every day and think about responsibility to the people.

But as you know, there are many doubts now. When a company like Google has the development of technology, people are skeptical.

Some of the curiosity, even analysis, is understandable. It is up to us to give the magic and the wonder of what we do, so that people do not worry about things they do not understand. Good understanding really helps everyone. What we are doing is amazing. And it is up to us to help educate people about his wonders.

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