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Porsche’s ‘Soundtrack My Life’ offers your favorite music based on your drive


Porsche has developed a test program that plays original music, on your drive, whether you are on an open road or on the road, Autoblog they say. The program of My Songs Of My Life The project works like a game track, reducing the power to take on “speed, speed and centrifugal vehicle power,” according to Porsche.

Porsche Machine is not only a music playlist, but the original examples and shortcuts of music integrated with algorithms to suit your performance. You have to select the type of music you want, and then the system starts playing. “The complexity of what comes to the ear depends on how well they handle each other,” says Porsche Digital’s Norman Friedenberger. “Their fast driving, as well as high speed is a violation.” When you slow down or stop, the music drops to the floor to match.

The idea is not to change the routine but to give drivers a different approach. The good news is that the system plays in the beginning all the time and can continue to make “new” songs forever. “That’s what’s fun for the driver. They have new music all the time. The genre promises to listen a little longer, three or five times longer than it does with line music,” says Friedenberger.

So far, Soundtrack My Life is in the testing category and Porsche has decided whether to keep it for now. However, the automaker is currently trying to test the machine in the car and make “all the information.”

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