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Placing Your iPhone Near A Cursed Number Interrupts Its Wifi


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A security detective with his iPhone wifi has become aware of Murphy’s rules in the last few weeks. Based on his experience, we now know about another cursed wifi network that we should avoid. But this time, your iPhone does not need to be connected to the network to interrupt.

Back in June, security researcher Carl Schou discovered this when joined the network “% P% s% s% s% s% s% n”, its iPhone has completely blocked its wifi operation. Fortunately, this was remedied and reset all network settings, which erased the bad name of the wifi to remember his phone. You’d think this would be the end of connecting with networks that have complicated and incomprehensible names, but you’re not Schou.

On Sunday, he thought so reconsider his position by searching for public wifi network called “% secretclub% power”. According to Schou, simply having an iOS device near a named wifi network can block its wifi operation.

“You can completely disable any iOS WiFI device by enabling public WiFi called% secretclub% power,” he wrote on Twitter. “Restoring social media is not guaranteed to restore functionality.”

Obviously Schou struggled to find a way to bring up his wifi functionality. He also said he had restarted the network several times, forcing him to restart his iPhone, and reconnected with Apple’s security team. The researcher eventually received support from Twitter, which advised him to manually change the iPhone backup file to remove malicious notes from known files.

Gizmodo has not tried to fix this, so if it finds you, continue to be careful. The exact cause of the virus is not known, but some believe that the percentage mark and subsequent characters may be affected by the type of strings, or the modification or regulation used in writing languages. When set up by the phone, it seems to lead to problems.

We’ve all had a few difficult months (then some) and the last thing we need is trolls to set up wifi networks with “% secretclub% power” to make our wifi. Until Apple fixes the bugs in the future that are expected to arrive soon, it would be a good idea to avoid all wifi networks, and just rely on your iOS data when you are away from a secure and secure wifi network.


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