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Palestinian protesters take to Facebook to challenge their claims


People have said that use the app to vote rejecting corporate policy in the past, but the ongoing campaign could be devastating. NBC News he cried he learned that Palestinian freedom fighters are doing well in campaign losing the amount of Facebook in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store through “thousands” one-star review. Many of the participants say that Facebook has banned Palestinians from making statements when talking about the escalating violence in Israel.

Social networking sites are becoming more and more popular, according to the board’s message NBC he found. They are known as “problem 1”, or below the full pages. A senior Facebook expert says users feel they are “counted” and oppressed.

However, the shopkeepers did not really intervene. A Facebook employee said Apple refused to discuss the one-star deal. It is unclear how Google responded.

We have asked Apple and Google to comment. Facebook has denied the allegations in a statement NBC, noting that its principles provide “words for everyone” and that they apply them regardless of their religious beliefs. Prophet Andy Stone described a group that “monitors” the situation in Israel and Palestine in order to both pull out destructive tactics and rectify wrongdoing by coercion.

This will not lead Facebook to change its approach. However, it is clear that the campaign is starting to work in the first place – and that those who own a software store may not be at risk. It wouldn’t be surprising if more campaigns like this were to come in the future, though they wouldn’t make the company take action.

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