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Apple founder Steve Wozniak faces criminal charges against Branded Tech School

An example of an Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Faces Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over Branded Tech School

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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is facing a $ 1 million lawsuit for stealing an idea to set up a Woz technical school, according to the week Internal report.

Connecticut business professor Ralph Reilly says he and Wozniak agreed to establish a “tech university” and co-sponsored the collaboration with the camera company in 2011. very powerful in Apple’s early days in making a name.

However, the agreement has not been compromised, Reilly said in court letters cited by Gizmodo and Insider. Wozniak went on to develop the same concept under the name Woz U in 2017 after joining a code study company Coder Camps. In response, Reilly contacted Wozniak via email asking to be involved in the project, according to court documents.

“That’s what I thought about the Woz Institute of Technology when I first came to you with that idea,” Reilly wrote at the time.

“You’re right,” Wozniak replied. “You had the right idea … I doubt it would have happened without your original idea!”

But when Reilly pushed back begging for discrimination ownership of the project, he encountered silence on the radio. Reilly continued to accuse Wozniak of stealing his art and violating his personal rights. Looking for at least $ 1 million in support and damage. Other songs that Reilly criticized Wozniak as a breach of contract have already been dismissed by the judge.

Insider says Rilly first approached him via email in September 2010. The two similarities over the next few months, Reilly once asked if Wozniak would consider agreeing to allow him to establish a “Woz Institute of Technology,” according to the trial courts. Wozniak endorsed both ideas and used his name on the project in response to an email.

In the photos mentioned in 2011, Reilly awarded Wozniak a contract to grant a Connecticut online school to participate in the use of Wozniak’s name and image at the “Woz School of Technology” in exchange for a quarter of a month. In the photos that Insider shared, which looks like Wozniak’s signature appears on the photos of the agreement submitted to the courts. Instead, Wozniak said he did not remember signing the document but did not dispute that it was his signature.

However, the agreement was fulfilled, as did many other Reilly followed by other organizations, as the Wozniak group began to withdraw from the project. When Reilly launched the comedy page of the Woz Institute of Technology in 2013, Wozniak’s manager, Ken Hardness, he wanted it removed and tell him to stop contacting Wozniak directly. Since Reilly found the cover of this website, it is now at the center of its multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Next to him, the Wozniak group it is said that the two did not reach the pinnacle of the idea and the aforementioned camera was one of the innumerable images he made with fans. According to Insider, the most important thing about Wozniak’s self-defense is that he takes advantage of the opportunity to do his own business and instead leaves conversations with others in his team. Even when dealing with Coder Camps, Wozniak did not provide “any training, program ideas, schedules or anything else” to Woz U, his lawyers wrote this.

In fact, when asked by lawyers if Coder Camps paid him $ 1 million for his partnership with Woz U, Wozniak said he did not remember if he paid the loan, although his manager later confirmed he had received the money.

“One of the things I avoid in life is everything about money,” Wozniak said of the filter. “I don’t look at it … I don’t know how much money we have in the bank. My life is very different from most people. ”

Violations of human rights violations go to trial next month in Arizona, and Wozniak has been summoned to answer charges, Insider says. The three-day trial is set to begin in June 7.

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