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Oxo Good Grips Thermal Mug By SimplyClean Lid Comments: Our New Travel Favorites Cups

It retains a high temperature. It looks good and holds many hands easily. My two nitpicks are that they currently do not come in size less than 16 ounces, which is surprising, as its cousin Hydro Flask comes in its 12-ounce size. It also sounds like Oxo is still thinking about colors. The color mark on the page has almost a childish blue color, while the cap in the picture is a beautiful navy blue, yet the one I received to be tempted by the black, unmistakable shade of the latter. The “bright red” is almost a delightful shade of orange in the picture, but it looks more like “Campbell’s Tomato” in real life.

I also tried heating in my 70-degree-Fahrenheit kitchen, filling each cup with boiling water and closing their lids and closing after four hours to warm up. It is worth remembering that the ships were of different sizes, because more water could heat up for a longer period of time, but there were few surprises. The 14-time jet, with its large mouth and thin lid, was alone at 125 degrees; hot but not hot anymore. The main centerpiece was used by 16-ounce Contigo, an unbeatable 140-degree size; Hydro Flask at 144 (not bad for 12-ounce cups); and then three in the sweet spot, Takeya 17-ounce, and 16- and 20-ounce Oxos, at 153, 154, and 157 degrees, respectively. Zojirushis received the highest honor for keeping the temperature, with 173 degrees for the little boy and 180 degrees for the adult fella.

Surprisingly, this is where the little thorns live. Do you want something hot like this? My mouth is not at all happy with drinking 180 degrees hot water. Everyone will need to open a container of water at that temperature and let it cool for a while before drinking. Also, everything below 140 degrees is in dangerous place where bacteria can thrive.

With that in mind, after 6.5 hours, I checked again, and the impression was that Zojirushis alone was (well) above 140 at 156 and 165 degrees, though the Oxo 20-ounce was not far below the mark at 137. If you need your drink to keep it in the jar for a long time, Zojirushi is your safe bet.

One of the most amazing things that shook things happened at the end of the experiment, when I filled the big Oxo with water, turned it upside down and put it in a plastic pot. I was expecting to see the bottom of the bathroom and fill it with water slowly, but no! I surrounded it with Contigo, Hydro Flask, Two Zojirushi, and Takeya, all filled with water, twisted and tucked into their tubes at night. Elisabeth found my Tupperware countertop party this morning. He was curious to know more about what I woke up from, and I was happy to say that not a single drop had come out among the six of them overnight.

“Interesting,” he said. “Engineers are committing themselves to global challenges!”

Afterwards, I brought the Oxo and Hydro Flask, all three-quarters full of water, to my small roof, and danced in each hand until my arms ached and tried to pull out the closed lids. responsibility. Interestingly, he did not.

While “poor” has not come as a surprise to Zojirushi and Takeya, the surprising stability of the “slightly secured” competition brings their market. Instead, it is about to disrupt my travel plan.

The new xo may not be the best cup for everyone, but it does a lot of good things, especially the way it goes in the dishwasher, so it is the best cups to go out there.

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