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How To Customize Your iPhone (2022): Easy Solutions For iPhone Common Problems

  1. Start by making sure that your iPhone and Bluetooth accessory is charged, turned on and off.
  2. Read on your Bluetooth device or machine, make sure you know how the integration works, and make your device known (sometimes you have to press a button).
  3. Go to Preferences, blue on your iPhone, make sure it is toggled on, check the device you want to connect to the list, and tap on it.
  4. You can enter a PIN or passcode.
  5. Some Bluetooth devices run the app on your iPhone. If so, go to Preferences, Privacy, Blue, and make sure Bluetooth is turned on on the app.
  6. If the device already connected does not seem to be working, try changing it. Go to Preferences, blue on your iPhone and press the notification button next to the requested device, click Forget This Device, and then try to reconnect.
  7. If you are unable to connect to your iPhone, try connecting your phone or tablet to ensure that the problem is not with your connector or Bluetooth system. Sometimes there are a number of connections you can have, so name your Bluetooth device maker to find out if that is the case and how to remove the old connections. We have a different guide Troubleshooting Bluetooth headset problems.
  8. Try connecting another Bluetooth device to your iPhone to see if this works.
  9. If the problem seems to be with your iPhone, and none has so far worked, it’s time connecting with Apple support.

My iPhone Has a Broken Screen

We all know the horror when you inspect your iPhone screen cracks after a fall. Broken or broken visions are very common. While your iPhone can still work, it is best to repair the window as soon as you can to avoid any damage or damage. Here are your options:

  1. Connect with Apple and save time to transfer your iPhone to Apple Authorized Service Provider or Genius Bar. You may have the opportunity to arrange for repairs in the area when someone comes to your home or office. You can also send your iPhone to a repair center, but that means being without your phone for a while. Apple redesign is very expensive. (It costs $ 279 on an unsecured iPhone 13, for example.)
  2. Find a reliable third-party retailer, such as IPhone doctor from New York City. Make sure you do your homework and read the comments first. And, if possible, arrange them in front of you.
  3. If you feel better, you can try to fix it yourself. You can find detailed instructions and repair tools on iFixit and elsewhere. After many hardships, Apple ultimately makes it easier to repair your iPhone, but perhaps most people should not try it — it is easy to develop a bad attitude.
  4. You may be tempted to do so selling or selling your iPhone, but we recommend that you fix it first. While some services purchase broken iPhones, the amount of money they roll out to pay for a broken screen exceeds the cost of repair.
  5. Whatever you plan to do, consider getting it iPhone case, screen protector, or both, so it never happens again.

Battery For My iPhone Can’t Pay

If you notice that the battery of your iPhone is not as long as it used to be, you can check its health by going Preferences, Battery, Battery Health. This will show you how much of your battery is left over.

It’s easy to find a battery switch, and it can be free if your iPhone is still under warranty or you have AppleCare +, but you should go to the Apple Store or send your iPhone to a repair shop. You can find more in our guide on how to get a battery instead of your smartphone.

Whether you have thrown coffee everywhere or your iPhone went into a toilet bowl, there is a good chance it will survive, if you take the initiative. Every iPhone from iPhone 7 has a different kind of water resistance. If yours is wet, turn it off immediately and remove as much water as you can with a clean towel. Then read our guide how to save wet phone.

How To Get Help From Apple

One of the reasons Apple is so popular, and you paid so much for the iPhone in the first place, is that the company offers top-notch customer support. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Before contacting Apple, it may be helpful to write down the details of your problem and record all your previous attempts.
  2. It is worth copying the government Apple Support Software. It offers a great deal of practical advice and advice on how to deal with problems and can connect you with a person when you want to talk to someone.
  3. The Apple Support Page they can guide you through possible plans and help you find the correct number singing on demand.
  4. If you want to go to the Apple Store or go to the official repair shop, try this Apple Page to find someone near you.

How to Get Ready for Yourself

Fixing this will cover many common iPhone problems. Even if you think some of our ideas do not fit your problem, give it a try. You may be surprised. In the unfortunate event that your iPhone is still inactive, here are some tips to prepare yourself:

  1. Start by typing your problem into Google (or your favorite search engine) and be as specific as possible. Include your iPhone model and explain the problem.
  2. Support forums are often the best place to find answers. Look at the thread that someone wrote down your actual problem and find a solution that worked. Try it Apple Support Forum, iPhone subreddits pa Reddit, and forums on Apple’s regular pages like iMore. You can also try creating your own post to ask for ideas on editing.

How to Become a Factory-Restore Your iPhone

The ultimate solution to chronic problems is factory reset your iPhone, but this will erase all that is there. Please save your iPhone before you think about this.

  1. When you have completed the support, go to Preferences, General, Restore, Delete All Contents and Preferences. Confirm and then set your iPhone aside for a few minutes to complete the process.
  2. If you do restore your backup backup during installation and find that you still have problems, try a factory reset, but this time, after the wipe is restarted, select it. Set as New iPhone. If the problem goes away, it may be that your software or backup storage system is causing the problem.

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