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Otter Advisors can book your Meetings for you

In the meantime, it is safe to say that most of us would have been happier had we not been to go to another zoom. But with COVID-19 it is still a concern for companies like Google moving weeks combined, it is safe to say that video conferencing will likely be a work in progress in the future. Voice printing company Otter thinks it has a response to Zoom fatigue. It is launching a new app called Otter Assistant that will go to Zoom on your behalf and record you.

The company says the tool works with all Zoom services, even those you do not receive. Once you connect to Google or your Microsoft Calendar, you can change the settings that require Otter Assistant to join the “My Agenda interface.” It is also possible to put the program on a regular basis by entering the meeting URL in the same format. Then, your friends will see Otter Assistant as someone else taking part in the discussion.

And while Otter Assistant may not pretend to be you, it will help you to focus more on talking to your friends than to worry about writing down everything they say. You do not have to worry about missing out on anything, if you have to leave your computer for a while. As soon as the meeting is over, you can share the work of Otter Assistant with your co-workers. Similar licenses with Google Docs give you the opportunity to choose whether your friends will change or comment on the document. You have the opportunity to add photos and show sessions, as well as send the document to people who missed the meeting. Luckily for them.

Otter includes content in his subscription business, starting at $ 20 per month per user. It’s worth noting that Zoom also includes voice printing, but that’s also the case paid part.

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