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Oscar Isaac Brings Dangers to MCU

The story line of Moon Knight's First Trailer Brings the Dangers of the Moon to MCU

Picture: Marvel Studios

Even Disney and Marvel Studios in short he gave us a glimpse Oscar Isaac acting as one of the most iconic characters in Marvel Comics a few months ago, we now have a complete overview of what happened to Marc Spector. becomes Moon Knight-The answer is a shiny white suit and a lot of violence.

Released at the Wild Card NFL playoff game between the Cardinals and the Rams, the new trailer informs us of how Isaac’s Spector lives the living will of the Egyptian god Khonshu. In the Moon Knight Games re-launched in 1975, we meet Spector as a former naval officer who became a mercenary with dissociative identity disorder, who finds himself seriously injured on the job. Taken to recover from his injuries at the Council dedicated to the Council, Spector finds himself not miraculously saved from death, but reborn as the avatar of the moon god, devoted to life to protect the weak from evil, it does not matter what the cost.

In addition to introducing Isaac’s Spector, the trailer also gives us a first glimpse of the Moon Knight’s work clothes, revealing the look, even the best looks in a high-end sports suit – and how it takes Spector. almost wrapped him in it — as well as a portrait of Ethan Hawke as the protagonist of the series. Moon Knight connects with the preferences of Yes-Hulk, Mrs. Marvel, Secret Intelligence, The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, and even a special Halloween theme inspired by the Moon Knight drama began to emerge, Werewolf and Night, as part of Marvel’s advertising plans Phase 4 of the MCU this year, as the list goes on Wonderful Doctor in Many Kinds of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Black Panther: Knock Forever in the box office.

Moon Knight has been launched at Disney + starting March 30. Check out the new photo of the series below!

The story line of Moon Knight's First Trailer Brings the Dangers of the Moon to MCU

Picture: Marvel Studios

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