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Awesome Game That Happened Quickly 2022 earned $ 3.4 million in charity

Recent Marvelous Games Happen Fast Runner Marathon is in the books. After one week the players showed off their skills and skipped the sport as fast as they could, AGDQ 2022 raised $ 3,416,729 for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. That’s all that has happened to every Games Done Quick game in the history of the 12-year-old organization.

According to GDQ images, the highest contribution was $ 236,656 and the average collateral was $ 25. AGDQ 2022 ran up to $ 1 million in grants, hitting the fastest rate of any previous GDQ event.

AGDQ also happened as the only online event amid concerns about COVID-19. Although there were no people to show the players, there were some amazing trips. For example, a runner named Mitchriz used the words of obedience and a deep understanding of the difficulties Sekiro: Shadows Die Double beat the game in two hours with my eyes closed.

Athletes broke the international record for the event, including in Enter: Bridge of Spirits, Dzungu Jack and Webbed. You can find them on the run, and anything from the AGDQ, at The Game Has Been Active on YouTube.

The GDQ will also have a women’s run event called Frost Fatales, which will take place between February 27 and March 5. As usual, you can watch it on Twitch. Summer Games Held Quickly are back at the end of this year.

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