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OnePlus Watch is shown regularly after negative review


Following the swathe of cruel comments earlier this month on its first smartwatch, OnePlus unveiled updates that could solve some of the biggest problems on the device. Also revealed other plans to add later, such as a full demonstration.

First modification of the file Check out OnePlus is spreading in the US and Canada. It will spread to other areas in the coming days. Along with bug fixes and system stability, OnePlus claims that the changes bring about changes in GPS functionality and accurate monitoring of movement and movement. The company said it expanded its heart rate monitoring and data connection, and opened up information for the most widely used software and enhanced the upgrade process.

Following the trend should come as a welcome news for the original owners of OnePlus Watch. Engadget editor Cherlynn Low found that the device failed to calculate accurately, seeing that “On one of my trips, it lowered the machine by a third of a mile, which disrupted my movement.” GizmodoRight there, Victoria Song, he wrote “The calculation of the steps was removed by more than 10,000 units.”

As well as a regular brand, the OnePlus unveiled some of the more functional ones. If you have a mobile phone running Android 6.0 or later, you will be able to drive the device’s camera away from the connected OnePlus Watch. AI watch mode, 12-hour watch and support in Germany, Italy, Spanish and Poland are on the way. OnePlus is also planning to switch to all 110+ types of fitness.

These changes and other features may not be enough to completely save OnePlus Watch’s history, but it’s a start.

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