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Bug Clubhouse Allow People to Hide in Unseen Rooms


“I’m really going to keep talking to you, but I need you, “longtime researcher Katie Moussouris told me in a private Clubhouse room in February.” Just keep talking, but I’ll go. “Then his avatar disappeared. I was alone, or that’s how it looks.” That’s it, “he said from the digital.” That’s the virus. I’m a bad ghost. ”

It’s been a year since the Clubhouse’s online chat started. In that moment, his explosive growth has come up with a panoply of security, privacy, and cruelty. This includes new Two threats, discovered by Moussouris and now underway, that would have allowed the attacker to return and listen in an unknown Clubhouse room, or disrupt a conversation they could not control.

Risks can also be exploited without technical knowledge. All you need are two iPhones that have a Clubhouse set up and a Clubhouse account. (Clubhouse is only available on iOS.) To start the attack, you can first log into your Clubhouse account on Phone A, then join or start a room. You can then log into your Clubhouse account on Phone B – which only sends you phone A – and enter one room. That’s when the problems started. Phone A shows an incoming image, but it won’t take you out completely. You still have a connection where you live in the room you were in. As soon as you exit the same “room” on Phone B, you can, but you can connect with the ghost on Phone A.

At the right window, Moussouris was gone, but his Clubhouse spirit remained.

Photo courtesy: Lily Newman via Clubhouse

Moussouris also discovered that hackers could incorporate the conspiracy, or its diversity, by means of other technologies. But the fact that it can be done easily proves the seriousness of the error. Moussouris called the “Stillergeist” attack and the “Banshee Bombing” attack.

Since the risk was present in every room, it is said that the weakening represents the worst at the Clubhouse as the platform works to deal with privacy issues, harassment, hate speech, and other abuses. Not knowing who is listening to the interview, or closing the room because you can’t stop an invisible person from saying anything they want, it’s hard to record a voice program.

After Moussouris submitted his findings to the company earlier in March, he said the Clubhouse did not respond promptly and it took several weeks to resolve the issue. Finally, Clubhouse told Moussouris that it had made two patches relating to the findings. One arrangement ensured that all students were comforted on a regular basis and could not hear the room even as they walked through it, trapping them in the purgatory of the Clubhouse. The second hardware configuration eliminated the display problem, so users are automatically removed from the old device if they have been replaced. Moussouris claims that he did not just confirm, but that his explanation was clear.


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