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Oculus will soon show you how stupid you look when playing VR games

New on v28 firmware uninstall and bring the interface as , Oculus said which follows the platform. Some of the latest features are live streaming, which allows you to monitor yourself using VR software in real time.

If you have an iPhone XS or a new one, you can add a personal touch to what you do in VR. Therefore, if you are always thinking about what you look like when you play or turn on the lights , you will soon find out.

Oculus is beginning to offer limited access to Live Overlay users as part of the trial. It will work with any VR app that supports shooting and recording, and you can share videos with the cover. You can also output your voice using the Quest microphone inside when recording or downloading a video browser.

Also in v29, Oculus is adding a way to view iPhone notifications when you use your theme as part of the system Permanent Office. If you have an iPhone 7 or above, you can enable iOS phone notifications. Android support is on the way. Oculus says it gives users more opportunities to manage files with a modified file system. In addition, you will have an alternative route ongoing work so you can see the world around you without taking off your head. The “eye” image of the passing house will be added to the quick selection.

Earlier this year, Oculus it helped sharing the app with multiple user accounts on the most recent headphones. With v29, the original Oculus Quest owners will be able to reuse the features. In the meantime, Oculus has begun experimenting with VR ads in its mobile app. Developers will be able to advertise to help people find their apps, and you can improve .

Oculus is releasing firmware v29 slowly, as it takes time to reach all users.

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