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Obama has asked young people to take the stick of the weather by speaking out loud

Former US President Barack Obama has said young people have “significant potential” in the fight against climate change, in a statement COP26 Conference in Glasgow which made him happy.

Speaking six years after appearing at a Paris conference that created a treaty to keep global temperatures below 2C from pre-industrial times, Obama said. the young were right to be offended on the failure of his generation to deal with the “potentially dangerous situation” they had to deal with.

“Vote for this article. Vote if your life depends on it, because it does, “he said.

“Don’t think that you can get away with politics. . . You can’t be too perfect for that. It is part of a plan that will benefit all of us, ”he said, adding that young people can also pressure companies and train their superiors.

With the arrival of a prominent figure who attended COP26 for the second week in a row, Obama’s visit sparked a political upheaval at a conference that focused on the unpredictable task of articulating the details of globalization. complex skills and rules.

He also supported the so-called “high-level partnership” of countries pushing the global warming limits at 1.5C as part of the negotiations. The group includes the US and the EU, as well as many developing countries, but not the diversified oil-based economy.

“The tropical cyclone is a clear indication that we are crossing this line at our own risk,” he said, with global temperatures already at 1.1C.

COP26 also noted the US return to a global effort to combat global warming after what Obama described as “hate” to President Donald Trump, who withdrew from the Paris agreement.

However, with Obama’s arrival in Glasgow this week, Nancy Pelosi and many members of the US Congress are coming. without any hope that the US will issue laws before the season ends.

Obama said he was confident Biden’s $ 1.75tn “Build Back Better” human security package – which includes about $ 550bn of natural resources – would pass through Congress “in the next few weeks”.

At the same time, they looked at China and Russia for the lack of leaders in Glasgow, saying it showed “lack of urgency”.

Obama also praised the efforts of young climate activists, which have been on display in Glasgow through a number of events and demonstrations around the conference.

Although he said that if “the authorities do not listen, they should leave”, the former president also called on campaigners to listen to the concerns of those who are worried and what could cost them their lives by removing excess gas. factories.

“We can’t just scold them, or say they don’t know, we can’t just tweet them. It’s not enough to confuse them by blocking cars at a protest,” Obama said.

The former president was delighted to see the change in jokes about how the music was no longer sung when he entered the room and “the cars started again”, but praised the efforts of sleepers who encountered “weak coffee and bad food” at COP26.

In an attempt to misinterpret the location, the former president also mentioned living on the “Emerald Isle” – which is what Ireland is all about – and named William Shakespeare “Bard”, a name in Scotland that is often given. to 18-year-old poet Robert Burns.

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