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‘AR This Is the True Metaverse’


If I were to ask you to think of a Greek city, what do you think?

I think of a house like the Parthenon. Like Greece in my history book.

All the houses were painted in dazzling colors, brightly colored — yellow, green, and red. We think of them now as these limestone houses. We’ve always been decorating our space, our design, and the decor. These realities can make the world more interesting in other ways, just by using bits instead of atoms. Instead of dye, it is digital dye. It may be the most famous, or it may be the most photographed in the world.

That’s why kids who do high school prom may not need to decorate with gymnastics. He can give a head that people can see if they wear glasses, right?

Sure, absolutely.

It is dangerous to think that more and more truth is being stolen. People can confuse yours vision.

I think this can happen with anything. But I’m more concerned with my smart home appliances like my Nest being stolen than I would be someone stealing what I’m wearing outside.

It seems to me that this is just changing what our powers give us in a way that denies our reality. It looks as unhealthy as the metaverse you are complaining about. Imagine a child who loves Harry Potter-Niantic has given permission to Potter the universe. You can turn a neighborhood near children into the state of Hogwarts, and they will not turn you off. Parents always tell children, “You live in a dream world.” Well, this technology would really stop living in a dream world.

I do not know, when you were a child, did you not think that there is more to the world than what you see?

That’s right. But I had to have my mind working.

When you go to Disneyland, people re-create things …

But then you exhaustion Disneyland.

Why spend billions on concrete when you can make it digital? Well, there are different ones. If you are talking about singing real channel up, from translucent to opaque, where you are changing everything in the world with something made, then I agree with you. But I’m talking about selective decorating, like planting flowers in boxes on the sidewalk. This would make the world more interesting on a small scale. I don’t think that’s bad. If it makes your child want to walk with you in the park instead of playing computer games, that is the job I will take. Because you will see redwoods, and you will breathe fresh air, and they will exercise. And if they find Pokemon hiding behind a fern, well, I’m fine with that.

But it is more than Pokémon. You are developing a solid technology that is used for all kinds of things.

Yes, that’s what we mean by “a for real metaverse ”—a common component of all these variables. Many of them can be fun — big robots, Pac-Man, Pokemon. But it can be just that helpful. It can be direct for the purchase or quantity of other services. The difference with VR metaverse is that with ours you have this form which is the real world. The pieces are bound to atoms. And so you have these things that add a lot to where you are or give you functionality. It can put a button hanging in the air that gives you the opportunity to buy a bus ticket or check your flight, or arrows drawn on the sidewalk that take you to the subway, or more of the object you are looking at. you if it came from morality. That’s the potential that is needed. AR is the place where the actual metaverse will take place.

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