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NVIDIA unveils pro-level Ampere GPUs in the workplace


NVIDIA does not allow gamers to have fun. Today at its GTC conference, the company announced its graphics cards, based on Ampere’s original design and its RTX 30 GPUs. For desktops, there are RTX A5000 and A4000 GPUs, with 8,192 cores and 6,144 CUDA, respectively. Those GPUs come with 24GB of GDDR6 memory, though you can connect two cards together on NVLINK up to 48GB of memory. NVIDIA’s RTX 3090 GPU runs very fast, but its smart devices are designed to last a long time.

On the front of the pro laptop, there are the A2000 to A5000 models, all of which have the most recent technology of Max-Q company. It will be interesting to see how high-quality NVIDIA GPUs translate well into textbooks; in front of consumers, the RTX 3080 is not as fast as its desktop counterpart. NVIDIA is also releasing T1200 and T600 GPUs based on its previous Turing devices, which focus more on performance than performance. NVIDIA has also announced the new A10 and A16 GPUs for database keepers, which should interact well with recently announced the Grace Arm-based CPU for high-end servers and computers.

You can expect to see the latest NVIDIA GPUs on machines by the end of this month, with laptop types expected to appear in the second quarter.


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