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Nintendo is showcasing the ‘Mario Golf: Super Rush’ golf course and battle types


In front of , Nintendo has revealed much about what to expect from the game, including the golf course functionality. You and four friends will play at the same time. Not only will you try to finish the hole with fewer shots than your opponents, you will also want to do it faster than they do.

You have to run when your ball arrives to pick up the next shot. There will be art on the road, a combination of money and what restores energy. One of the 16 characters has their own unique movement to help you get to the ball faster and have different ideas, including strength, power, speed, steering and twisting.

He also has a special shooting ability. Luigi can cool down, while King Bob-omb can detonate bombs at his destination. Some break up nearby balls to destroy them. PGA Tour 2K21, this is not the case.

Mario Golf: High Speed he has the speed of a golf course called Battle Golf. The demonstration takes place in a courtyard filled with obstacles and nine pits. The first three-hole golfer, with the least risks at a time, is the winner.

On top of that, there is an RPG strategy called Golf Adventure, in which you can complete the Mii mode. Coaches can help you to improve your skills. You will also have to deal with military bosses. Yes, at a golf course. Once you hear that your Mii has the right numbers, you will be able to use it in many ways.

Nintendo also unveiled other features, including twisting and twisting shots, camera and navigation options. Mario Golf: High Speed coming to Nintendo switchch on June 25th.

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