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Nigeria Will Arrest And Use Those Who Violated Twitter Act

Nigeria's Illustration Takes Away Against Opponents Trying To Set In The World Their Ban

Figure: Leon Neal (Getty Images)

One day after the ban on Twitter, Nigeria announced that officials would arrest and prosecute users who try to use social networking sites, whose program and page are still available to others in the country on Saturday despite the ban.

Abubakar Malami’s spokesman, Nigeria’s attorney general and lawmaker, revealed the government’s views on Saturday, affecting individuals and organizations using Twitter. according to CNN. The Nigerian government suspended Twitter indefinitely on Friday for “continuous use of the platform over threats to Nigerian institutions,” which sparked for you and worldwide opposition.

This came as Internet commentators removed a tweet from the country’s President, Muhammadu Buhari, in violation of his anti-terrorism policies. Although Buhari’s deleted tweet was not cited as a reason for the ban, it is to be seen by others being a revenge on the government for what Twitter did.

Earlier this week, Buhari published a threatening tweet to punish people in the southeastern part of the country who were intent on secession. CNN he says that Buhari is accusing self-defense activists of committing acts of violence on a regular basis.

“Most of the people who are not paying attention today are too young to know about the devastation and loss of the people that happened during the Nigerian civil war. Those of us who have been in the field for 30 months, who have gone to war, we will speak in a language they understand, ”the President wrote in a tweet that has now been removed.

Buhari’s message describes the two-year war in Nigeria-Biafra, which took place from 1967-1970. The conflict was aimed at establishing an independent Biafran state of the Igbo people. It is estimated that between three and three million people died in the war. Efforts were made with the defeat of the separatists, who eventually and gave himself up to Nigeria.

Surprisingly, the country announced that Twitter had been banned on Twitter.

A group of points on Twitter He said on Saturday that he was deeply involved in the closure of the tower in Nigeria.

“Reaching the freedom with #OpenInternet is a fundamental human right today,” he said on Twitter. “We will work to restore access to all Nigerians who rely on Twitter to connect and connect with the world.”

Gizmodo joined Twitter on Sunday to ask if he had any additional comments on the ban or what he would do if he heard the country blaming the users of the platform. Twitter also said it had no comment added in addition to the statement issued by its group on Saturday.

All around the world, Amnesty International Nigeria protested The suspension of the Nigerian government by Twitter is that the platform is being used extensively by the people of the country to exercise their right to freedom of expression and access to information.

“We urge the #Nigeria officials to immediately change the illegal suspension and other measures to prevent the media, to suppress security, and to reduce the rights of Nigerians,” Amnesty International Nigeria said in a tweet.

Meanwhile, Olumide Akpata, president of Nigerian Bar Association, confirmed that the government did not have the legal or legislative authority enshrined in the Act, arguing that such unjust rulings undermine women’s confidence at a time when the country’s economy is in crisis.

If the decision cannot be reversed immediately, the commission will review.

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