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Merkel’s party wins national vote: Exit polls | News in Germany

German Democrats are defending the right-hand side of the AfD, with 36% of the vote, with the ballot coming out.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s leaders have won a landslide victory in East Germany on Sunday, urging Armin Laschet, who is hoping to win the September election.

The poll from the Saxony-Anhalt MDR polls had the Christian Democrats (CDU) at 36%, more than six points in the past five years, and ahead of the German Alternative (AfD), at 22.5%, pang. see you in previous elections.

Laschet, a 100-year-old, appeared to have begun to question his decision and met with a call to come up with a plan to fight the voters who were unhappy with the 16-year campaign under Merkel.

“We have won the election,” Reiner Haseloff, Prime Minister of the state of Saxony-Anhalt, said in a statement. “Many of our citizens have said we do not want to be part of the AfD. And that is why I am grateful.”

He and other fundraisers praised the results as a gesture to them ahead of the federal elections.

“This is a great encouragement to Berlin,” said Conservative President Ralph Brinkhaus. “It’s a victory for Armin Laschet.”

Armin Laschet is expected to replace German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the September election [Marcel Kusch/Pool via Reuters]

The AfD has continued to make progress in recent years and its chapter in Saxony-Anhalt is under intense scrutiny from German house intelligence on its links to dangerous groups.

Although elections in 16 German states are often affected by local problems and voting attitudes, they are also seen as important bellwethers in the national interest.

The CDU’s biggest victory was seen as a signal that Laschet, the party’s new leader, could wait to be assisted by both defense and centrists on September 26, as he seeks to rule despite four-year-old chancellor Merkel no longer running.

In the meantime, the outcome of the election, if the protests set up by a few censuses are confirmed, could be a strong support for Haseloff, who now has the comfort of being able to vote in three potential parties and smaller parties.

The 67-year-old, whose popularity in government was the main attraction for voters, banned any alliance with the AfD or the left-wing communist party, which is expected to get 10.9% of the vote – a record low.

The left Social Democrats, who were a minority ally of Merkel’s ruling party, also faced difficulties over the past five years and are expected to gain about 8.4%, while the naturalist Greens found the lowest profit to take 6.2 percent.

For Greens leader Annalena Baerbock the CDU’s victory was for voters who want to ban AfD. Many people had voted for the CDU because it “did not want any oppressors in government”, he said.

He also admitted that the Greens’ protest was poorer than he had expected, as he criticized the “special” elections in Saxony-Anhalt over what was happening.

The Greens are often weak in southeastern Germany, relying heavily on the carbon-intensive industries that the Greens hope to end.

Opinions also indicated that Free pro-business Democrats re-entered the state legislature after missing five years ago, receiving 6.5 percent.

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