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New WhatsApp Secret Points Have Just Begun. Here’s what you need to know


In the beginning for the year, WhatsApp took on a role that seems to be unique in changing the way it is used and the privacy policy, especially those that focus on the delivery of the program. The change brought out great anger, however, because he realized it unknowingly WhatsApp Age Plan yes sharing personal information, such as phone numbers, with the parent company Facebook. Instead of changing the details that led to the chaos, WhatsApp instead changed the time the audience would receive from the first day of February 8 until Saturday. If not? WhatsApp will be unused.

But not all at once. If you have not received this new update yet, you will start to see more features on WhatsApp explaining the changes with the Big green button below. If you just click, WhatsApp will continue to share some of your account with Facebook. If you do not want to agree, you can first hit the back arrow on the left corner of the top. Over time, however, pop-ups will appear more frequently. After that you will not be able to click at all, and the performance of the app will start to decline.

WhatsApp initially revealed in February that anyone who rejected the changes would lose their job immediately. But the company has decided to gradually remove the wheels from the car a few weeks before the program goes down the drain and stop working altogether.

“Over the past few weeks we have been showing notifications on WhatsApp that explain more about these changes,” the company said. words. “After giving everyone a chance to review, we continue to remind those who did not get a chance to review and approve. After a few weeks, the reminders continue. ”

Once you get to the point where WhatsApp has written its notes on top of it, you will be able to use the app for a while. You can call incoming calls, for example, and if you have the information you can read and reply to messages that way. But you will not be able to view chat lists or initiate any kind of communication with WhatsApp friends, because again, privacy information will protect you. After a few weeks of pauses, WhatsApp pulls the entire plug, and you will no longer receive calls or messages.

The truth is that for many users, accepting privacy changes will not significantly affect the way they support WhatsApp. All messages on WhatsApp will be end-to-end protection confidential, which means that your messages and photos will only be visible to you and your friends. And WhatsApp can no longer find any of your connections or share them with Facebook. In the meantime, WhatsApp I will be able to share details of your account such as your phone number, long logs and the amount of time you spend on WhatsApp, app notifications, IP addresses, and more on your device and Facebook. Also, WhatsApp can share Sales and payment data, cookies, and other location information by Facebook if you will. All of this has been true since 2016.

The backlash may have disrupted WhatsApp, as it reminded users of existing data instead of creating a new one. A few days later WhatsApp announced the update on January 4, a text messaging app He said found dozens of users, and The sign he boastedwhich has never happened before”Growing up. In an attempt establish blood pressure, WhatsApp delayed the full publication of the new information for months so that users would have more time to learn about the changes.


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