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‘New Pokémon Snap’ I Don’t Want Your Avant-Garde Drawing


As we enter new games, with higher prices, more stories, and a shorter time, it’s easy to forget what the previous generations were like. But back in 1999, the first one Pokémon picture he blew me up. I remember the first time I played, when I was 9. For me the young Pokémon, the 3D fascination with the Pokémon universe, as well as simple romantic games, shook the world.

I did not play first Pokémon picture for years, but I remember one negative thing: As much as I loved the game, I was not really good at it. Maybe it was my poor mood or lack of coordination, but I remember well and complain about all my pictures. Now that I am older, I have more and more interest The new pokémon, as well as those old incomplete ideas. However, the more I play, the more I realize that the problem may not be my bad drawing skills but in particular the game plays ‘good’.

I stayed a week ago to play The new pokémon, and while I enjoyed it, I also found myself unhappy with games that didn’t interest me enough to inspire me to be amazing with my photos. But before all that happens, let’s talk about sports.

Pokemon Trainer

The new pokémon it starts as one of the additional (and possibly unpaid) course for students. You are playing a small section of a young Pokémon aficionado that was invited by a researcher named Professor Mirror to do environmental research in the Lental Region. A new addition to the Pokémon universe, the Lental Region is an island of a variety of climatic islands with wild Pokémon, mysterious ruins, and a new “Illumina” phenomenon that seems to make Pokémon glow at night. This is an amazing Illumina that has got Professor Mirror all worked on, and it’s just a great game story.

As you can imagine, the first way to explore your experience is photography, as well as the best graphic design there. To my great disappointment, Professor Mirror does not want a vague, abstract image of the front of the Bulbasaur or a photograph of Dodrio running; looking for good ol ‘normie portrait photos. Consider “photography with Instagram artists”. In fact, after each study, Professor Mirror will carefully review your photos according to its first five categories: Pokémon shape, size, movement, location, the presence of another Pokémon, and the background image of the image. For Professor Mirror, the bigger and clearer the better, the better. Images are also included in color groups of color, as well as in one or four star colors based on Pokémon patterns.

After you have been thoroughly trained in the basics of camp photography, you are sent to Florio Nature Park, the first of many research areas you can visit. As in the first case, your recording is a bit slow here, because you are forced to stay in the NEO-ONE car – a throw away from the old ZERO-ONE game of 1999 – which travels slowly in each area. If you expect to run around in the Pokémon universe, you have to wait until the memory of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl at the end of 2021 or the most anticipated open world Pokémon Arceus in 2022.

In one salute at the original game of 1999, players can find a number of weapons that can be used to trick or force Pokémon into taking action. These include an apple-like Fluffruit, other Pokémon dance music, a scanner to find hidden opponents, and a variety of Illumina orbs that make Pokémon glow. Later in the game, you also promote your NEO-ONE, which helps you on return trips that will create more local areas.

And of course, you do many repeat photo tours. Except for the times that drive the story and the opening of new locations, players will be forced to find “racing spaces” in each area by holding an extreme shot. These trips can promote “research,” each page, which makes the new Pokémon a place of prominence or slightly alter the performance of another Pokémon. The surest way to find these trips is to take pictures of the new Pokémon, but once you get started in the area, you will have to take pictures of Pokémon doing new things that fall on anything difficult to identify in one or four constellations. After spending so much time in this game, I have no idea what distinguishes two stars from a four-star image – something that compelled me to go back and explore different avenues.


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