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Google’s main program to eliminate cookies is malfunctioning


Millions of people they are already part of a global effort to eliminate cookies permanently. Since last month, Google has been a success new technology for browsing in Chrome that can promote global business. Most of the people involved in the case may not be aware of it at all – but as the process goes on, the opposition warns.

Supervisors in Germany, France, and Belgium are all monitoring Google’s ideas. At the same time, some of the world’s largest web sites have decided to bypass Google’s test completely, with a number of companies developing ways to circumvent the system.

The system, called Advanced Cohorts Training (FLoC), is the largest part of Google Privacy Sandbox The process that will bring about the end of third-party advertising cookies in early 2022. There are three ways to choose which advertising pages to show you. You can see the promotion of small shoes because you put them in the market basket last week; if you are reading an article about cars, ads can also be about cars; or the ads you see may influence your preferences. FLoC, like the third-party cookies, works on advertising based on your preferences.

In the meantime, cookies allow advertisers to show you ads that are private to you because they are based on your browsing experience. FLoC is designed to eliminate these influences by expanding the network. If you are using FLoC, Chrome will compile your browsing history and compare it with others’ habits. Then you will be joined by a group, or group, of thousands of others like you. Advertisers can target entire groups of people rather than individuals.

It is not only the growth of change but also the cause of it. Google, whose parent company Alphabet brings write $ 55 billion During the past three months, they have become the world’s largest advertising company. The authorities are very clear.

“FLoC’s expertise raises a number of questions regarding GDPR regulations,” said Johannes Caspar, Commissioner for data in Hamburg, Germany. “Setting up users in FLoCs can be seen as a way to change personal information. And this requires a clear and concise clear authorization for this application.” he adds that there are dangers in which working groups can “allow themselves to think” about social media and how FLoC groups will behave.

And it is not only German directors who are concerned about FLoC. A spokesman for the Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés, or CNIL, the information officer in France, says it is “closely monitoring” the technologies that could replace cookies, as it would require access to information stored on social media. CNIL makes it clear that such a system requires “explicit, explicit and implicit and explicit consent.” If Google fails to do so, it may be cheaper. In December 2020, the French superintendent Google $ 120 million fine do not receive public authorization before using cookies.

Some rulers are deeply concerned about dishonesty. In Belgium, officials are eager to understand how future machines will compete, as well as how to comply with data protection laws. In the UK, the Competition and Markets Authority and the data protection officer, the Office of the Information Officer, have been searching Google’s ideas since January. And the Irish Data Protection Commission, which owns a number of technology companies with a European headquarters in Dublin, says it has been consulting with Google about the idea.

Google is familiar with FLoC’s potential traps. As such, the technology would still be tested in the European Union. “The EU’s privacy policy sets the standards for transparency in the use and control, and that is what we think of FLoC,” says Marshall Vale, Chrome’s Google product manager. “We know that contributions to data protection are very important for this to happen, which is why we started a preliminary technical discussion with our ideas.” Google has previously said it wants to develop tools that would allow people to stay out of the FLoC.


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