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NASA will attempt to launch its Mars flight on April 19th

NASA finally has a new flying day Mars helicopter after repair caused a delay. Storage space now he expects fly smartly “before” April 19 at about 3:30 AM East. Don’t worry about sleeping all night following, however. Demonstration of data downloads will not start until 6:15 AM in the East if all goes well, and the subsequent traffic description is not scheduled until 2PM East.

A group of missionaries expected to fly wisely on April 11th, but the follow-up crisis on April 9 led them to resume their return. NASA recently he finished trying by helicopter.

The flight will only take about 30 minutes to ensure that the plane can fly at first. You have to wait until the next four planes to see them fly over Mars. It will still stand for an unforgettable moment if everything goes according to plan, however. It’s no surprise that NASA is cautious as to why – there’s so much more fulfilling this mission than what can be done with a small drone.

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