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NASA wants to move forward with the speed of the fourth Mars helicopter


NASA’s Helicopter Ingenuity to finish its third aircraft in April, its groundbreaking team achieved the final of three goals needed to call a technical project a success. This is why in their fourth attempt, the Ingenuity team wants to push the machine envelope on Mars by flying farther over rocks and valleys and going faster than ever. It will happen soon, NASA has said he announced that the fourth helicopter flight was supposed to take off on April 29th at 10:12 AM at eastern time.

The Smart Team achieved its first goal six years ago when it showed that a helicopter could fly inside a JPL room. When Caution flew away for the first time on Mars back in April, the team achieved a second goal. It exceeded its third and final target as the helicopter flew about 164 feet at a distance of about 4.5MPH and a distance of 16 feet on its third trip, so there was nothing we could do but try to beat the numbers.

Scientist J. “Bob” Balaram said:

“After the Ingenuity’s limbs collapsed after the third voyage, we knew we had found more than what could help engineers create future generations of Mars helicopters.

On the fourth trip, Balaram and his team want the helicopter to fly about 276 meters from where it left off at a distance of 16 meters. NASA JPL expects to get the first data from the flight at 1:21 PM Eastern on the same day, so you don’t have to wait too long to find out if the fourth flight went well.

While the team already has ideas for the fifth round, it wants to set its goals until it gets a fourth result. After five missions, NASA is expected to tackle a clever attempt and move on to the ultimate goal of the Perseverance rover: hunting for symbols of past life on the red planet.

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