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Five steps from Biden’s first address to Congress

Joe Biden used his first address at a congressional hearing Wednesday night to give hope to the United States after 15 months of war over the plague, the economic downturn that came with it, the racist protests and the elections that were marred by Januaryware attack at the US Capitol. But he also reinforced his persuasive intentions when he met with Republican opponents and other democratic officials.

Here are five key pointers.

Biden is ready to opt for a war on taxes and money

The US president is desperate to spend his next money, and he is not running away from the money taxes are increasing at large and rich companies to pay for. The phrase had a long section that encouraged lucrative and high-income businesses to make more money, saying it was time to give their “fair share”.

While defending the pressure to “buy Americans”, he suggests that blue collar workers should be the main focus of his organization. “Some of you at home are wondering if these jobs are yours,” he said. “You feel left out because of the rapidly changing economy.”

He sees a light at the end of the Covid canal

In the aftermath of the vote, Biden got the best of both worlds for what he did plague, and his confidence was reflected in his words. He focused on vaccination in the United States, saying it brought joy to the children as they returned to school, tears of joy for teachers, and grandparents’ hugs across the country. Biden continued to warn that America should not tolerate it, but its words were much lower than in the past. “Our progress over the past 100 days against one of the worst pandemics in history is one of the best things our country has ever done.”

China and Russia are the most important foreign powers

At another point, Biden wrote to discuss Xi Jinping, Chinese President. “It strives to be the most important country in the world.” The statement expressed concern over Chinese power and the forces undermining its administration in the same way that Donald Trump did. Although no Western language has been mentioned in western Europe, Biden made a point to show the willingness of its leaders to promote human rights. Russia was another issue. “I made it very clear to the President [Vladimir] Putin said that although we do not want to go up, their actions have consequences, ”he said.

His call to be a two-way street is unreasonable

Biden, a former Senate veteran, has pledged to revitalize bilateral relations and work on political issues. On Wednesday, he called on Republican lawmakers to work with Democrats to give his views on everything from infrastructure changes to stricter gun laws. But his actions fell on deaf ears, with many Republicans frustrated while Democrats continued to press on. $ 1.9tn financial aid earlier this year without a single GOP vote.

When asked what he thought of the matter, Mitt Romney, a Utah senator who was one of the few Republicans, replied: “Well, $ 6tn I count. I hope Bernie was happy.” ‘anira is showing here. “

Democrats and Republicans are still at odds over apartheid

Conflicts over ethnic justice and equality have divided Americans since time immemorial, with the killing of George Floyd last year and a wave of subsequent Black Lives Matter demonstrations entered politics. Biden and Democrats want the government to help them change the police. “We have a chance to get rid of it [the] racism that afflicts American life, “Biden said.

The GOP response to Biden’s response was given by Tim Scott, the only black Republican filmmaker, who received praise from his colleagues in the Democratic Republic for his actions in negotiating with the police on both sides.

But Scott was criticized by Democrats for saying, “Listen to me: America is not a racist country” and openly criticized those who wanted to divide the country by teaching children that “their skin color defines them”.

Scott defended voter ID laws and changed the election in Georgia, which Biden called “worse than Jim Crow”, instead criticized Democrats for passing the “Washington power grab” in an effort to establish electoral laws.

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