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NASA has launched Astronauts to the ISS on Reused SpaceX Rocket

But that was not the first plan, says Garrett Reisman, a former NASA supervisor who oversees commercial operations at SpaceX from 2015 to 2018. ” a new atmosphere, “he says. The color has changed as Falcon 9 and Crew Dragon capsule have performed better over the past few years. “The amazing thing is that we are doing this [reusing rockets], and that we are doing it as fast as we can, ”said Reisman, who is now a professor of astronomy at the University of Southern California and an expert advisor on AppleTV. For All Mankind.

With 11 people inside, ISS astronauts will have to find new ways to sleep and change station systems, such as oxygen. The system has been tested by its passengers, but without any risk, NASA officials told a news conference before the flight earlier this week.

“This is going to put a lot of pressure on our support systems, but it’s a design,” admits NASA astronomer Doug Wheelock, who spoke to WIRED prior to the launch of the flight plans. Wheelock, who is currently training astronomers for the future of the moon, says the additional bodies will also give NASA more of its systems and how it works with the entire building. This type of information can also help create future spaces on the moon or Mars. “We have more expensive CO2 operating over 11 people,” he said. “That’s why it gives us so much information, which equates to so many ways to support our lives, that’s why we miss out on access to information on our expertise.” And he points out that things sometimes need to be fixed in the air: He introduced a cold winter air system during his space work in 2010.

He also remembers what it was like for ISS citizens when new staff arrived at the station. “It’s very busy,” says Wheelock, “and the newcomers to the world are a little more confused than those who have been around for a few months,” says Wheelock. “You can always tell who is the first to stay on the first day. That’s why they are pushing things on the wall and so on.”

Sending people back to the moon can happen as soon as 2024, according to recent comments from former Florida Senator Bill Nelson, who boarded a plane at the Space Shuttle in 1986 and is now appointed by President Joe Biden as the next space commissioner. In addition to being the third launcher of SpaceX’s commercial launcher last year, NASA awarded the company a $ 2.9 billion in contract last week the Human Landing System sent workers to the moon and repatriated them. That function will be used SpaceX spacecraft, which is still being tested along with the Falcon Heavy rocket.

NASA’s offer of a lunar alliance, including a state-of-the-art facility, “proves that SpaceX is a major contributor to human flight,” said John Logsdon, an associate professor at the George Washington University Space Policy Institute. “It’s amazing because he’s just arrived and is taking the lead at Boeing.”

Boeing is developing its own Starliner crew capsule and Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, both of which are nearing completion and beyond budget. SpaceX won again The Origin of Blue, a retailer led by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, on the NASA consortium. A spokesman for Blue Origin in Seattle declined to comment on aviation, although the company plans to send guests, explorers and possibly astronauts to study Earth orbit sometime later this year.

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