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Covid can cause infections


The virus often causes the body’s immune system, the B to make itself into the pockets of the stomach, where they multiply rapidly, mutate, and swell into a multibillion-dollar army, each with its own signature protective proteins on the face. As soon as this happens, however, the cells get into a dangerous game of band chairs, competing to tie them up with tiny pieces of virus to see who is fit to fight them. Lost cells immediately begin to die by the millions. In the end, only B antibodies with antibodies are highly resistant to viruses that survive to be released into the bloodstream.

Sanzani has all the best, Sanz explains, because about 30% of antibodies produced in the anti-viral competition fight the immune system.

Sanz looked at the blood of patients with high levels of covid, and found that many were actively making antibodies to fight the virus. But most of these antibodies are produced by proliferation of B cells that are produced outside the normal process of removal. Sanz had already seen this in lupus, and many believe it is a sign of a weakened immune system.

Eline Luning Prak, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, said she was not surprised. Luning Prak, an autoimmune therapist, says that when the body is in a state of crisis, any immune system can relax. “This is what I call a permanent immune system,” he said. “When you die of more viruses, the immune system right now says, ‘I don’t care – just give me everything.'”

The secret

In March, James Heath, President of the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, worked with a list of forensic pathologists to publish what he believes is the first scientific paper on the immune system of patients two to three months after an illness. . Heath and his colleagues found that the survivors took one of four different ways. Two groups of patients recovered completely – one from the malignant covid, and the second from the acute phase of the patient. And two other groups — some of them with severe covid and some of those with early-onset symptoms — remained very open.


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