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NASA Halts SpaceX Holds On Lunar Lander In The Middle Of The Blue Origin Protest

Artist's idea of ​​SpaceX's lander monthly.

Artist’s idea of ​​SpaceX’s lander monthly.
Illustration: SpaceX

NASA has suspended SpaceX’s mission on $ 2.9 billion lander to repatriate lunar eclipses thanks to exhibitions presented at Blue Origin by Dynetics, companies that the space agency did not choose to build for their moon.

On Friday, NASA spokeswoman Monica Witt announced that she would briefly comment on the interim announcement and said it would continue until the Office Accountability Office to resolve complaints related to the purchase, according to Engadget. GAO is the border August 4, more recently, to make a decision on the challenges set by Blue Origin, founded by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, as well as security developer Dynetics.

“On April 26, NASA was informed that the Blue Origin Federation and Dynetics had issued a protest against Option A’s decision to board the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO),” Witt said. “Based on GAO’s findings, NASA advised SpaceX to suspend HLS suspensions until GAO has resolved all cases relating to this. NASA will not be able to comment further on the expected cases.”

Gizmodo contacted NASA to confirm Witt’s actions on Saturday but did not receive a response on the news. A request to respond to SpaceX did not return immediately. We will update this blog as soon as we hear.

NASA has ordered the suspension of SpaceX’s work on the lander, which he will use to launch Starship, meaning SpaceX will not immediately receive a $ 2.9 billion reward, Verge said. The company is no longer embarking on its initial negotiations with NASA which is becoming more traditional in initiating a major alliance.

However, considering that SpaceX plans to use Starship to carry cargo and partners to Earth, Moon, and Mars, the company needs to continue development in Starship, says Verge. Earlier this week, the Federal Aviation Administration said had allowed the next third opening of the Starship brand. Several Starship trials have been going on long distances, but so far all the aircraft are gone.

In their complaint filed Monday, Blue Origin says that NASA did “find the error of the Human Landing System program and relocate the space at the last minute.” First, the company said NASA had indicated it wanted to offer two awards for its lunar eclipse but changed its mind due to “apparent shortcomings” in its current and future budgets. Going with the sole agent is threatening to end competition in the area, Blue Origin says.

That is not the case. Among other things that may seem insignificant, Blue Origin is also crying out for a monthly recipient’s price. The company gave NASA $ 5.99 billion, more than double the cost of SpaceX. However, the company says NASA allowed SpaceX to recover its value but did not offer the same opportunity to Blue Origin and Dynetics.

Dynetics, which he complained On Monday, it was reported that NASA may have completely changed its approach to repaying a pilot or withdrawing a petition after discovering that it did not have funding for the two companies, SpaceNews reports. Instead, NASA decided to go with “a highly competitive approach and the greatest risk involved.”

The idea of ​​NASA in particular makes SpaceX a new moon-to-day carrier, Dynetics confirmed, according to SpaceNews. The company also criticized NASA’s use of SpaceX technology.

“NASA has failed to detect the dangers posed by SpaceX’s technology and, in particular, the closest notices to NASA’s neglect – for example, that four SpaceX Starship have exploded in various spacecraft tests in recent months,” Dynetics said in a statement. “NASA has awarded SpaceX a license for its missing machine vision.”

The company has a point there. Blue Origin was seen as a leader in the betting industry, and its choice of a new recipient is considered important and safe. SpaceX should prove that its Starship strategy, which involves pouring rocket into the air and setting a rocket on the surface, among others, is possible. All of this never happened again. It should also protect its Starship from exploding.

NASA’s current plan is to send two astronaut manufacturers – a man and a woman – to the moon in 2024.

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