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Morning After: OnePlus is very close to Oppo

OnePlus has just released a low-cost 5G phone, and then released some great business news on its side. After working with Oppo (owned by the same company – BBK), OnePlus CEO Peter Lau announced that after the “good” working together, the group is very close.

While OnePlus will sit under the Oppo umbrella, Lau said it will But if you’ve been looking around the world for mobile phones – especially those from BBK players like Oppo, Vivo, Realme, OnePlus – there has been a lot of stuff available. For example, the OnePlus 8 Pro was as bad as the Oppo Discover X2 Pro.


Some of these devices are focused on China and India, while OnePlus pushes (and often does well) to western countries and finds its phones in the hands of Europe and America. Recently, Oppo and Vivo have moved to other European countries, but OnePlus power is lacking. Can this alliance bring other phones that look like different badges? Or some great mobile power that can go against Samsung and Apple?

– Matt Smith

It is a 1-inch camera sensor with a ‘240Hz’ display.

The next morning


Speaking of the same phones, different badges, Leica’s first phone is a device that has already been developed. Following a connection with the latest Huawei and Sharp Aquos R6, Leica has finally launched its flagship phone. Leitz Phone 1 is Leica’s first autonomous phone (and, yes, an Aquos R6 under the Leica purple logo), and will launch in Japan next month. While there are some nice tweaks to the camera’s UI, the phone also comes with a “great monochrome” replacement for Android 11, which sounds great. Like the Aquos R6, the Leitz Phone 1 carries a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor for its large f / 1.9 camera, as well as a 12.6 selfie camera on the other side. Keep reading.

It opens in New York City today.


Google by Paul Warchol

This isn’t Google’s first sale, however – the company has arrested several people with its own weapons in the past. But a new store on 76 Ninth Avenue, which will open today at 10 am ET, is located under the Google home in Chelsea. Not only does it sell Google products (for Pixel, Nest and Fitbit images) but it also provides you with technical support for many of the best-selling products, the Apple Genius Bar. Keep reading.

The first will appear inside “Blaston.”

In the coming weeks, Facebook is planning to try out the Oculus Quest advertising that owners see when playing and using apps with their headphones. The first of these will appear Blaston, the title of hell with the first person from Resolution Games, followed by a program from two other unnamed developers sometime in the next few weeks. “So far, this is a trial with fewer programs,” the company said in a blog post. Keep reading.

Available for 14-year-old drivers.

The next morning


Weapons manufacturers have long been involved in urban sprawl, but have you ever seen one on the streets? French automaker Citroën has finally taken the initiative in transforming its beautiful Ami concept into a fun two-seater car with a top speed of 28 MPH.

According to French law, Ami is not really a car but a “quadricycle,” so users in this country who are 14 years old can drive. But unlike the Renault’s Twizy quadricycle, it’s a completely locked car. Paris Assistant Editor Steve Dent was to try. Keep reading.

We played ‘Stranger in Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin.’

A new Square Enix option for beginners Final Fantasy it didn’t start well. The trailer was tough and probably the best-known movie on this year’s E3. Sometimes it is good. Often, it is bad. These were the last ones, with the ridiculous conversations and games that seem to be dates because they are coming to the PS5. I played it on the show (which also had its drawbacks), and where there is a chance for a change – the producers are chasing feedback from the players – there can be a very fun, or challenging game, that offers a different perspective on Final Fantasy universe. Keep reading.

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