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Morning After: Elon Musk and Dogecoin’s interest continues


Turn it on Saturday Night Live, Elon Musk said “it’s all a mess” about crypto currency, and prices have gone down. Now, Tesla has suddenly realized the weak ways of Bitcoin and the changes it is receiving. With a company claiming to be in need of climate change funding, Musk posted Thursday a “promise” the best solution for Dogecoin.

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Dogecoin, if you have forgotten, is a meme-shaped coin that Musk loved. His other major project, SpaceX, will launch DOGE-1 cubesat next year, and he has written this over and over again. Memecoin dog confrontation can be difficult to imitate at times, but Musk’s reaction to the tweet was huge, and the cost went up 25 percent in one day.

– Richard Lawler

The 2009 mobile phone update will be available on Verizon.

The next morning

HMD, Nokia

Nokia is bringing the phone to the US. The new owners, HMD, have actually released the Nokia 2720 Flip (a modified version of the 2720 Fold), but it has not been able to do so. All right, May 20th. It will be Verizon alone, and not a smartphone. It only costs $ 80. Keep reading.

Improvement for beginners, from A to Z trigger.

The next morning

Nintendo games

The switchch is coming to become the best-selling “home console” company of all time, with seven switches game we also sold the Wii U. which didn’t receive much attention. Everything is coming to Nintendo, then, thanks to the changing type of switch switch and the growing game library that is not compatible with other people. Let us guide you (refreshed once again) through the best games to start your switch journey. Keep reading.

No more lost laptops?

The first experimental laptop for easy repair is now open to pre-orders. The laptop in the Law is available for you to order, in four ways. Getting out and changing a section should not take more than 10 minutes. And each section has a QR code that guides you to the website for detailed instructions and iFixit video quality. And users just need a shortcut included in the box to fix anything.

The only fix that can take longer than 10 minutes is that, or when, you can choose to change the CPU and mainboard. You can get the original version for only $ 999, or DIY – completely melted – type $ 749. Keep reading.

Two new types that are not clean.

The next morning


If you manage to get a PS5, you can be ready for a second upgrade, in time for a random release. There’s not much to say – I love the black way – but orders for the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red directors are now open on Amazon, and will be shipped on June 18th. Keep reading.

Encouragement in almost every way.

The next morning


Amazon was slow to play real wireless games. When the company launched its Echo Buds in 2019, Apple was already in its second generation, and AirPods Pro came out recently. The company is studying hard, and its second attempt is to remove the actual noise (ANC), good quality audio and repair. Closing down dubious battery life and mid-range functionality, Amazon is delighted. Ask for Billy Steele full review.

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