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Colonial Pipelines Payed $ 5M Fee – And Various Variations


About a week prior to Redemption led to the Colonial Pipes that stopping oil distribution on the East Coast, reports came out On Friday the company paid 75 bitcoin bitcoin — valued at $ 5 million, overtime — in an attempt to restore active service. And when the company ends resume work Wednesday night, Submitting to the will of the destroyers can encourage other progressive groups. Real growth in the fight against the scourge of redemption, experts say, will require more companies to say no.

Do not say that this is easy. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies have been preventing redeemed individuals from paying for digital transcripts, but many organizations do so. They may not have the backup and other equipment needed to recover in some way, they may not or may not want to take the time to heal themselves, or they may think it is cheap to pay the ransom quietly and still move forward. Redeemer groups they focus on their finances before they fall into their trap, allowing them to set an extremely high price for their victims.

In the case of Colonial Pipeline, the DarkSide ransomware team attacked corporate networks instead of using operational pipeline technology. But colonists have lowered its OT network and in an effort to stem the tide, adding to the pressure to end the crisis and resume oil spills on the East Coast. Another factor that can lead to a decision, first reports written by Zero Day, and that the way to pay for the company was infected, so it had no way of following the distribution of oil to corporate customers.

Proponents of the ransom claim that the closure of the colonial bomb is a sign that the company is refusing to pay. Reports Wednesday revealed that the company had plans to do so, but most reports on Thursday, led by Bloomberg, confirmed that the 75 bitcoin ransom was paid. Colonial Pipes did not return a request for comment from WIRED on payment. It is not known whether the company paid the ransom within a short time or a few days later, as oil prices rose and car lines continued to grow.

“I can’t say I was shocked, but it’s disappointing,” says Brett Callow, a security analyst at the Emsisoft virus company. “Unfortunately, it will only help the United States to focus on infrastructure. If a part seems profitable, he will keep holding it. ”

At a press conference on Thursday, Jen Pskai, a press secretary at the White House, confirmed that the US government is urging victims to stay out of debt. Some of the leaders wrote a lot. “The Colonials is a state-owned company and we will showcase more of what they have done by providing a ransom for them,” said Anne Neuberger, vice-chancellor of cyber security and upcoming technology, a reporter on Monday. He further added that the recipients of the ransom “would face great difficulties and would have to deduct the benefits if they could not afford to pay the ransom.”

Researchers and policymakers have worked hard to provide adequate guidance on the payment of ransom. If every victim in the world suddenly stops paying the ransom and becomes stable, the threats will soon disappear, for there will be no motivation for the terrorists to continue. But regulating legal boycott seems pointless, researchers say, and it could lead to more money laundering. When the group of redemption Evil Corp harassed Garmin last summer, company paid the ransom through a mediator. It is not uncommon for large companies to use ordinary people to pay, but Garmin’s actions are well-known because Evil Corp was approved by the US government.


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