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Mooer presses the drum machine, resulting in a six-stringed guitar


Mooer Audio has had a reputation for popular guitar measurements, but is now experimenting with the opposite: putting its digital instruments on one device. Guitar Worldwide reports That Mooer reading The GTRS S800 Intelligent Guitar, a six-string cable with 126 outputs, a drum machine and an 80-second looper. You probably don’t need much more to work properly, sometimes.

The company is not sure how to get all of this, although it does seem to revolve around “Super-Knob.” You can also enhance the appearance of the guitar via the GTRS mobile app as well as the GWF4 wireless mode. It offers Bluetooth wireless connectivity and should last up to 15 hours standing due to 4,000mAh battery.

Mooer has not yet discussed tariffs or shipping costs, although he plans to return the S800 via Indiegogo soon. This will cost more money than other guitars, although Mooer’s stiffer prices can make it easier to verify. The cost may depend on the type of electronic device. You can save a lot of money if you don’t have to buy it dedicated machine or looper, but we would not be surprised if it was often easier to buy different tools.

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