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Biden looks at each other slowly in response to the Gaza conflict


Joe Biden meets a he was divided over his party of the conflict in Gaza, with progressive Democrats pressuring the President to monitor Israel’s support for Palestinians.

Members of the Democratic Congress have been critical of Biden’s strong defense in Israel, which reflects age-old views of foreign Americans but strongly contradicts party ideologies.

Like violence in the area he continued over the weekend, Democrats have publicly fought over how the US should respond.

Bernie Sanders, a left-wing senator from Vermont, said on Sunday: “If the United States of America contributes about $ 4bn a year to Israel, we have the right to demand that they respect the rights of all people, including Palestinians.”

He told MSNBC television: “What we need right now is a legitimate, Israeli security – they have the right to live in peace and security without terrorists – but the people of Palestine also have the right to live in peace and dignity.”

Sanders’ comments came a day after Biden spoke with Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister, and Mahmoud Abbas, President of the Palestinian Authority, following days of fighting.

The White House said the US president had told Abbas that Hamas should stop shooting in Israel, while Netanyahu’s “assertion was that he was supporting Israel’s right to self-defense”.

On Sunday, the death toll in Gaza reached 192, including 92 women and children, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. Israel says 10 people have died in Hamas threats, including two children.

The President’s remarks show that he has been helping Israel for a long time. But it has caused outrage among American Muslim groups, some of them boycotted the White House event Sunday to celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr.

And it has also given him the opportunity to challenge the new generation of civilizations in his party. Although he was able to find common ground with the young, many members of his party on a number of domestic issues, such as economics, construction, and climate change, have struggled to do so in foreign affairs.

Several members of Congress have criticized the governor’s comments at a controversial meeting in Parliament last Thursday.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York delegate, said in a statement: “The president and many others this week have said that Israel has a right to self-defense, and that is a sentiment in this body. But do Palestinians have the right to survive? ”

Other Democrats have also been more prepared than ever against Israel. Bob Menendez, chairman of the Democratic Senate Foreign Relations Committee and an aide to Israel, said in words Saturday was “very frustrating” with some of the Israeli wars.

Ben Rhodes, a former deputy national security adviser under Barack Obama, said “it feels hopeless for the US to see the loss of lives of civilians in Gaza – including so many children – not called for a public call to end the war”.

But many members of Congress have retained their support in Israel. Ted Deutch, the three state’s representative in Florida, said at a conference last week: “If I am asked to choose between a terrorist group and our democratic party, I will represent Israel.”

This division reflects the changing attitudes within the party on the US mindset in the region. In 2008, only 33% of Democrats thought the US should force Israel to unite instead of Palestine, according to vote by Gallup. That figure is now 53 percent.

Meanwhile, many of those who campaigned last year to be equal to the assassination of George Floyd have found a common ground with Palestinians.

The Word posted by Black Lives Matter on Instagram last week said: “One cannot defend racial, LGBT & women’s rights, oppose corrupt governments & violence and other injustices but still choose to ignore the oppression of Palestine. It will not increase.”

Fighting for democracy continued over the weekend when Ritchie Torres and Jamaal Bowman, both members of the Democratic Congress representing New York, protested on Twitter.

Last week Torres spoke in defense of Israel and criticized his opponents for forming a “cruel Twitter group” against him. On the Sabbath, Bowman wrote“Brother Ritchie, this is not about Twitter. It’s about justice, humanity, and equality.”

Torres replied: “I respect you as a fellow worker. But it amazes me that people on Twitter post pictures that erase Israel on the map, as one of the most recent candidates. “

Republicans have been keen on starting divisions in the Democratic Republic of Israel, especially as they face challenges to the future of the party. The dismissal of Liz Cheney from its DRM leadership.

Jason Miller, adviser to former president Donald Trump, sent the piece Describing the divisions between the Democratic Republic of Israel, he said: “The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a sign of disunity between Democrats.”


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