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Moderator Complains TikTok For Failure To Protect Its Mental Health

A photo of the Moderator Who Watched Hours of Dangerous Movies Sacks TikTok for Failure to Protect His Mental Health

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A former TikTok supervisor is suing the media giant and his parent company, ByteDance, for failing to take action to protect his health. after that he looked countless hours of gruesome videos about cannibalism, rape, animal husbandry, and suicide among the many other distractions.

In the case in question, Candie Frazier, who works for a a third party contractor, said TikTok executives work hard and are forced to watch hundreds of videos a day and take a short break, according to Bloomberg. Supervisors work 12 hours, Frazier explained, and only take one hour off lunch and two double breaks for 15 minutes.

Despite the fluctuations, viewers often watch several movies at a time, ranging from three to 10, and just watching 25 seconds of each video, he said. ByteDance monitors the performance of administrators, on the Verge report, and “severely punishes any time they can be removed from watching cartoons.”

The lawsuit alleges that TikTok did not adhere to corporate standards to protect its content managers, which included giving them leisure time and psychological support, Verge explained. Frazier he also saysTikTok has failed to implement sophisticated security measures, such as hiding or minimizing the amount of video that video controllers have to watch.

As a result of his oversight work, Frazier said he began to experience fear and frustration as well as symptoms caused by temporary anxiety and stress. They also have trouble sleeping and have nightmares when they sleep with what they see.

Frazier wants TikTok to compensate him and others for the mental injury he suffered. In addition, he wants the court to compel the company to establish a medical supervisory fund.

Gizmodo contacted TikTok to comment on the case on Sunday but did not respond by press time. We will make sure to change this story if we hear it.

Soon statement to Bloomberg, a spokesman for the social media giant said it did not respond to ongoing cases. However, TikTok works hard to “strengthen the work environment by taking care of our employees and contractors.”

“Our security team is working closely with other companies on the important task of protecting the TikTok tower and the community, and we are continuing to develop a number of health services to ensure that supervisors feel mentally and emotionally assisted,” he said.

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