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China is expanding its blockade to Xi’an as Covid charges rise

The city, which is in the midst of China’s worst Covid-19 epidemic for nearly two years, has tightened its grip on power and is launching a new 13m residents trial to eradicate the virus.

Health officials in Xi’an, the capital of central Shaanxi, say 150 cases of the infection were found on Sunday, down slightly from Saturday. But he says he expects the number of cases to rise as the fourth census begins on Monday.

Zhang Yi, the head of the Shaanxi province’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told reporters that Xi’an residents should not “worry too much about the temporary increase” in the daily court cases, which have increased since 75 on Friday.

“The more cases found in testing, the better,” Zhang added. “The epidemic needs to be gradually reduced and measures taken to prevent and prevent it.”

The number of new cases reported nationally on Sunday reached 162, the highest number ever since April 2020, as China began to cope with the devastating epidemic that began. Wuhan to January.

The number of cases is relatively small compared to the number of countries such as the US, which also reported more than 265,000 Covid cases and 3,300 deaths Thursday. But a spread to Xian is seen as a problem based on China’s approach to the “zero Covid” epidemic.

Officials are concerned that a global spread could lead to more hospitals and deaths as a result low power of the Chinese vaccine, especially as the Omicron genre is highly contagious.

The second Omicron case in China was filed December 14 The carrier, who had returned from the other side, was found to be uninfected for two weeks in Shanghai and took off on a flight to his home in Guangzhou, south of Guangdong.

The government of President Xi Jinping is determined to end the epidemic before the winter Olympic Games starting in Beijing on February 4 under the “bubble” protocol.

Under the new regime unveiled on Monday, residents of Xi’an are allowed to leave home for testing. Last week, families were told that one member could buy food and other necessities every second day.

Anyone wishing to leave the city must try to get a valid and protected permit from employers and those under the control of the Chinese Communist Party. neighboring committees who oversee small rural areas. But such permits were inescapable, as authorities may be responsible for granting permission to anyone who transmits the virus.

On Friday, the party committee said it had identified 26 Xian officials who allegedly failed to take action to stop the city’s expansion but did not name or name their sanctions.

Additional reports of Maiqi Ding in Beijing

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