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Mobster transforms Turkey and shows a video against political leaders

With a smile on his face and a gold medallion shining on his chest, the fugitive fugitive Sedat Peker has sent to Turkey with the brutal charges that he has thrown at political officials in several YouTube videos.

Peker, who has spent 10 years in prison in Turkey for his involvement in violent extremism and is wanted to lead a gang, reports from a rented room in Dubai. In the seven videos that have been viewed 55m, they throw charges against other government officials or their relatives for drug dealing, rape and murder.

Peker did not touch President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom he called Tayyip Help, or “brother”, but his rhetoric and backlash within the leader undermined the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), which came to power two decades ago with a promise to end political crimes.

The attacker began showing a video earlier last month after returning to his home in Istanbul in April in which he said police were harassing his wife and daughter.

This week, Erdogan remained silent in order to justify Peker’s actions as part of a long-running campaign by foreign forces to overthrow his regime. “We made Turkey, where these are called babies [godfathers] known for humorous names that were once illegal, a place where the law is the only right way, ”he said on a radio broadcast.

Peker appears to have caught the AKP in the back seat at a time when his approval is very low due to his response to the coronavirus epidemic and financial crisis. Elections are due to take place in 2023.

“The unveiling of superintendent laundry may lead people to abandon the belief that there are many ideas left in the Erdogan camp,” said Soner Cagaptay, director of the Turkey program at the Washington Institute of Near East Policy.

“Peker’s tapes reveal that they are about self-interest, discrimination and relations with the mafia. Erdogan is running Turkey but he is not leading it, and the permanent aura is over. Turkey looks like a house of cards.”

Drawings in some categories, some acceptable, the video shows Peker seeing between noise and roaring. They give little evidence of what he did not say he did not mention – among them that the eldest son disrupted a new cocaine-selling trade from Latin America to Turkey; an AKP lawmaker raped a university student who was later found dead; and that Peker retains the former MP for a fee of $ 10,000 per month.

“I teach the abusers that there is no more dangerous weapon than the one who can face death,” Peker posted a statement on the table in another video, in which he said: “You will be defeated three times and a camera phone.”

He is angry at Turkey’s interior minister, Suleyman Soylu. Peker is said to have supported Soylu against a rival faction within the AKP under the auspices of Weight of Albayrak, Erdogan’s son-in-law, who resigned as finance minister last year.

He further added that Soylu offered him protection and cut off his friend to avoid arrest, but renewed his contract to allow him to return to Turkey a year later.

Soylu has appeared in the negotiations to deny all allegations against him and has denied, or stated that he does not know, what is being said to others. He accused Peker of lying to him. Erdogan has defended Soylu, saying the attack was aimed at the entire country.

Seven Sedat Peker videos filmed 55m © Islam Yakut / Anadolu / Getty

Peker’s remarks paint a grim picture of the political backlog in a country where journalists are closely monitored by the government.

“People are rushing to watch the video because the government has set up a site where protesting is banned [and] This man is fooling the interior minister, which everyone fears, “said Umit Kivanc, a filmmaker and journalist.

The alliance of the AKP with the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) over the past decade has highlighted the threats posed by ultranationalists. The MHP leader was photographed by another mafia leader last year demanding his release from prison.

Peker grew up in a youth group on the right side that is affiliated with the MHP and its national history is similar to that of the patriotic Turkey. “He can show off on these things and not get hurt because he is so passionate. If he follows her, it can differentiate the role from the MHP,” said Ryan Gingeras, a professor at Naval Postgraduate School in California and author of a book on crime in Turkey.

“People began to see politics linked to crime in Turkey because terrorists like Sedat Peker did not flee elsewhere,” he added. “He’s a famous politician with a criminal record.”

Peker cut his teeth as a predator and in the planning of a football match, according to Gingeras. His rap album began in 1990, when newspapers claimed he decorated his rooms with oil paint and had a washing machine and Roquefort cheese. He was sentenced to death, but was sentenced in 2007 for setting up a criminal court and was released seven years later.

The following year, he was part of an AKP campaign, telling a rally to “wash in the blood” of students who had signed a memorandum of understanding to end war against Kurdish forces. A few months later she was photographed by the president at the wedding and received an award as a businessman and a charitable donor of the year.

Peker has now apologized to the intellectuals and complained that politicians are using patriotism to “turn us against each other”. Speaking in the videos he also joined a number of charges, such as arranging for the beating of a Turkish journalist in Cyprus who was then killed by others, “breaking the bones” of a former AKP MP for criticizing Erdogan’s wife and plotting terrorists to attack a newspaper office at the request of lawmakers. and AKP.

When the charges against Erdogan’s opponents were dropped, he became embittered. After Peker blamed former interior minister for killing journalist Ugur Mumcu in 1993, his widow Guldal sent a text message: “Break the bricks, knock down the wall and put everyone under his control.”

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