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Microsoft’s Classroom Pen 2 is half the price of the previous price


Back in 2019, Microsoft started a Class Writer, a Surface Go pen that the company designed so clearly and thought about the small hands of students. It’s now releasing a new species According to the company, the modified pen has a “better design,” which is protected and works with everyone. Above Go and Graphics Above. As in the past, the pen is adjusted, and there is an overhead to protect it.

This change is good, but the schools that would appreciate it most are that Microsoft has made this new model very affordable. The company sold the original Classroom pen in packages for $ 20 to $ 799.80, or about $ 40 per stylus. In contrast, a bundle of 20 new entries will cost $ 399.80 on sale on April 27th. From the company’s point of view, schools can also reduce costs by reducing paper costs. Microsoft says the UK entry school saved about $ 120 on paper and toner price for each Surface device they purchased.

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