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Barcelona are defending the Super League and want to re-evaluate their competition plans


Barcelona, ​​one of the best clubs in the world, has defended the project in the Super League fell this week, opposing the “swift action” and calling for the race to be re-examined without “unnecessary coercion and intimidation”.

The Spanish club, battling the losses caused by the outbreak, late Thursday deployed its arch-rival Real Madrid to support the explosive competition.

“The decision was made in the belief that it would be wrong in the past to deny the opportunity to be part of the project as one of the founders,” Barcelona said.

However, the two Spanish teams have a serious problem with the competition after most of their rival teams in England, Italy and Spain have said they want to leave because they are angry with their supporters, opponents, governing bodies, players and politicians.

Earlier on Thursday, La Liga of Spain said that 12 competitive clubs seeking to make the most controversial European Super League must improve their finances after years of destroying players.

Barcelona is not suffering debt repayment you lose a lot because of earning money for the days when the match ended. The Super League was set up to give its members a start-up of “receive bonuses” of € 200m- € 300m each to help them recover from the epidemic.

Opponents a a job that now doesn’t cost much he accused his supporters of trying to create a “closed” competition controlled by the wealthiest clubs, many of whom want to get back into the profession.

Javier Tebas, La Liga’s president, who oversees Spain’s top two clubs, told a news conference Thursday that secessionist groups need to focus on their trade in order to recover from the coronavirus epidemic and divide the economy into multinational corporations.

“Maybe the clubs should improve their finances more than the money they earn,” said Tebas, one of Europe’s top football officials.

His call for a reduction in funding could signal a dramatic change for clubs that over the years have increased their transfer and signing fees by signing and retaining players, and show how the collapse of the Super League could not be resolved. great losses Suffering from teams and clubs due to the epidemic.

“Instead of having three or four Ferraris, you have one Ferrari, in a nutshell, switch payments to reality and our reality is now known to Covid, which reminds us that money can’t grow forever,” said Fernando Roig, co-chairman of apart from La Liga Villarreal CF.

The sectarian groups expected the Super League to attract billions to repay their bills following the coronavirus epidemic. The 20 richest clubs in the world have lost $ 2 billion over the two seasons affected by the epidemic, according to Deloitte advisers.

Florentino Pérez, The president of Real Madrid and the leader of the Super League, had said that the tournament “saves football” and that the amount of money raised by top European clubs would also benefit their opponents.

Tebas accused him of making “unrealistic calculations”, calling the project “Super League of Powerpoints”. The La Liga president insisted he would try to stop a similar attempt but would not impose sanctions against the clubs.

The results of the twelve clubs behind the Super League are still visible. In England, the Premier League is pushing for the removal of representatives from Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur, according to a man close to England.

Joel Glazer, a member of the US billionaire family and a partner at Manchester United, has apologized for his club’s performance in the Super League, but also said football should “be stable”.


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