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Mercedes-Benz unveils EQB, its first electric SUV on the US market

Mercedes-Benz has it revealed EQB, a commercial electric SUV that first appeared on the company’s EV map at the end of last year. It will be the first electric bicycle to be sold in the US, later restricted plans releasing an EQC section. The new model is very similar to the GLB SUV company at the moment, although it has a newly designed end as well as an entire power tower.

The EQB has a boxer, made up of more SUVs than the swoopy EQS, which is much longer and seats seven people. Unlike the GLB, the new model also features the rear lights, sturdy grille and bright rear cord. As is the case with most EVs today, the main dash screen carriers are the infotainment system, all powered by the MBUX Mercedes-Benz system.


Mercedes-Benz set up EQS earlier this month is a large 107.8-kWh battery pack with 478 mile range (WLPT). However, the EQB will come with a very small 66.5 kWh battery and significantly reduce 260 miles of WLPT (US EPA units should be less). Mercedes-Benz said it operates a long-term model, however.

The EQB comes to the fore with all-wheel-drive wheels with 270 horsepower that is supposed to provide excellent performance, but not performance. It will be launched for the first time in China and Europe, and the U.S. brand will be released from Europe by 2022. There is no word on the prices, but it should be at least $ 100,000 plus EQS, especially considering the small battery. The EQC has to start $ 67,900 in the US before it was abolished.

Mercedes-Benz’s EQB electric SUV is coming to the US in 2022


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