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‘Lone Echo II’ has gone to Oculus VR this summer


Facebook made its debut Oculus Gaming show today. The biggest issue coming out of the event is this Lone Echo II it is time to release. It will come out in the summer. Apps Are Ready for Dawn, which is Oculus found last year, first announced the game in 2018, and we haven’t seen or heard much since then, leaving others to worry about the status quo. Oculus also described in detail what was to come Evil One 4 memorial.

Outside of the news on its popular VR series, the company had a lot of shared Star Wars stories. When Star Wars: Starting Stories in Galaxy’s Edge Part II Released later this year, the game will feature a new player, Dok-Ondar. Itorian first appeared in Star Wars lore and was mentioned later Solo: Star Wars Story and is one of the people you can meet at Disney’s Way Away head park.

In the meantime, fans can expect to play Star Wars Pinball VR will be released on Oculus Quest, PSVR and Steam VR next week. Prior to its release, Zen Studios producer shared the game’s visuals. It will have eight tables, plus two new studios designed for VR. Naturally, one of the things that attracts inspiration from Destroyer. All of these tables will be available at Fan Cave so you will have the opportunity to customize with your favorite Star Wars reminders.

When Facebook announced the show, it said it would be a surprise and it was released. Nintendo 64 stone 1080 ° Snowfall is getting spiritual results from Giles Goddard, one of the first developers to work on it. Chuhai Labs, the studio working on the game, has promised to share more in the coming months. Until then, if you want more VR events you will want to see the latest updates of Climb 2. The new Freestyle game development package, available for tomorrow, sets out six sections for you to see, and six more for future reference. Overall, VR fans have high hopes for the end of the year.

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