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Canadian judge agrees to delay Meng Wanzhou’s case Court Matters


Huawei CFO lawyers have requested a three-month delay in the US repatriation lawsuit to review newly issued bank documents.

A Canadian judge has agreed to delay the trial of Huawei boss Meng Wanzhou, who is forced to pay a fine in the United States.

Meng’s lawyers earlier this week filed a lawsuit in Britain delay the final argument until August to allow them to review the documents recently released by Huawei bank.

The documents were released at a conference held in Hong Kong between Chinese superstar relations with HSBC.

CBC News Wednesday reported that Judge Heather Holmes filed the motion and agreed to close the case until early August.

The restitution taxes were due to be made next month.

Canadian officials built Meng, Chief financial officer at Huawei, Vancouver in December 2018 on a withdrawal permit from the US, where he is wanted on false charges for violating US law in Iran.

He has denied the allegations and his lawyers hope the newly released documents will be a secret to his protection.

Meng’s case has caused controversy between Canada and China, where two Canadian nationals were detained in 2018 on intelligence charges.

Canadian officials have criticized Beijing for arresting Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig in retaliation for Meng’s return – which the Chinese government has denied.

As of Monday Meng’s trial is expected to last more than three weeks and would be the final part of his two-and-a-half-year anti-slavery lawsuit.

Meng is currently under house arrest in Vancouver.


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