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Soon in the new year, I will be in my 40’s. Going to what scientists have told us that it is a very difficult time for a western man living in the middle of a valley of tears, I have had time to see a few things. I have also found a platform to share it with. Here, then, in the scattered form, there is a study of the life of one person: some useful, some great in size, many no doubt wrong, but all honestly.

Go and load the luggage on the luggage. The goal is to make flight hours long so that they do not have to worry, not to avoid waiting a bit at the other end. Alternatively, keep your jacket with you at restaurants and parties. You never know when you may need to flee.

Do not associate with people of the same profession. It not only reduces stress, it causes one failure. To lose a job is to lose your social life.

Atlanta is the most beautiful coastal city in the US. All the way to make champagne is a waste of time except Franciacorta. Exercise is less important in weight control. People inherit their politics from their tribe, not the other way around. Only local restaurants ask if you are enjoying your meal. Whatever you think the risk of infidelity in the family is greater than that.

Your beauty, as some see it, is the work of your style and your language, not your clothing. The world is full of well-dressed klutze.

Eat only once a day. Do this especially if you like food: it is better to blow once or three times without forgiveness. Insomnia is not just a waste of time: thoughts are corrected and thoughts are explored. There is a difference between “good” and “good enough to advise”. Be careful of movies, books and magazine articles that you give to people.

Strong men are often frustrated by their sons, unwittingly trying to replace them. A talented and ambitious young man can benefit. On the other hand, the quickest way to reach out to someone is to ask them for advice.

Get off the social network. Don’t “take a break” or explain your reasons: you’re not a short live singer in Vegas. Just leave. Alaska Airlines is the best US airport. If someone does not know if they want children, they want children. Do not support the cause or opinion because the people on the other side are opponents.

To stop a taxi or attract the attention of a bartender, be quiet for a few seconds and then raise your hand. The group will be reflected in their surrounding vision. Of all the human insecurities, the smallest is physical. Most people accept their appearance and the appearance of their body by the age of twenty. Institutional and intellectual insecurity run the world, however.

Do not write notes: the test of thought is that it survives in the brain without history. Ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away is often the best solution. An empty refusal to go to the wedding will not only save many precious weeks, it will hurt even more than the choice. Taylor Swift knows her onion: Primrose Hill is, with its beard, the best London living experience.

Reading one book by heart is pointless. The information does not stick unless it is backed up by one, read it one time or later. Outside of major countries, Copenhagen is the most exciting holiday weekend in Europe. People are not judged by their appearance as their “appearance”: they tend to think that Emmanuel Macron is more generous than he is because he has the appearance of one.

If you are thin, people often wonder why you find it so difficult to watch what you eat. In it is a warning about the ability of our species to take action to prevent it, whether it is climate change or viral epidemics.

The concept of love is not just fun or especially fun here and there. And that you will have memories (very decorated) in the future. Martin Amis refers to this as your “pension”. To take the beach to the beach, choose a Detroit airport.

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