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How to get rid of snow

Eat with hunger, eat in the snow, or a proverb has to go. Butter soaked in butter moisturizes various sins. Wash with Bloody Mary – and the bar will call again.

Healing from the party season was simple. However, for those of us in our twenties, regardless of breakfast or dog hair, we tend to come to the same conclusion: Moët, more problems. But as more and more people in the UK get to the point where they drink less or less alcohol this year, there is another growing segment that is becoming increasingly popular with drinkers: hangover advocates. From tonics to pills to veins, there are more ways than ever to get rid of acne the next morning.

Nomo No 1, £ 14.99 on six carbon capsules and six vitamin capsules

Various types of additives are said to reduce the effect of excitement. NameThe night-recovery regimen is double: two or three infused capsules should be swallowed before bedtime, followed by two vitamin capsules (including caffeine) the next morning.

Nomo says the air produced is designed to absorb some form of toxins, while reducing fatigue and increasing energy. Charcoal is often used in the treatment of poisoning – it binds to the toxins in the gut and inhibits sucking – although research shows that alcohol is absorbed more by the body to have more energy. Recently, after consuming very few sugar cocktails (my kryptonite) I tried the Nomo system and felt incredibly good the next day. It may have been a slippery slope, but it was a refreshing one.

Vitamin supplements are a growing market. Life‘s After Party Patch provides nutritious foods such as B vitamins, milk thistle and other antioxidants to aid post-party recovery – provided by sticking glue on the waist, arm or leg. (Think of it as back-to-back nicotine.) Giving the substance this way means that it is slowly ingested for up to 10 hours, first through the skin, through the digestive system and into the bloodstream.

However, the real emergency is with the intravenous tube. Boutique IV hospitals that produce a wide variety of detox drops have emerged in the UK. Medical professionals can also be booked if they are required to provide madrip at home, through a number of beauty and health programs. There is even a drip shop in west London at Westfield shop called “Get Drip”, If anyone feels weak especially between Gucci and Louis V.

IV Boost UK in London is one of the few hospitals that specializes in detox drops
IV Boost UK in London is one of the few hospitals that specializes in detox drops

IVwa drops are probably the best way to save: they release more water in the body in less time. Dr Joshua Berkowitz, chief medical officer IV Boost UK, says: “Do everything [additional vitamins] The water content is beneficial, but it is the fluid that helps cleanse the metabolites of alcohol and regenerate the patient – and often has a serious problem due to dehydration.

Drops are not dangerous: if not used properly, they can cause infections or other serious side effects. The incident “should be guided by medication,” says Dr Berkowitz. “There has to be a dialogue between the doctor and the patient, and it has to take place in a place where all emergency equipment is available.”

Lifebio After Party Patch, £ 15.99 for six pieces

Lifebio After Party Patch, £ 15.99 for six pieces

“Even if someone comes up to the front door and says, ‘I have a bad smell,’ I check their medical history, research all I can about their illness and the medications they may be taking. , ”He says.

Hangover support, although very modern, has been around for centuries. Some of it originated in Ancient Rome; Pliny the Elder suggested eating the owl’s eggs, sheep’s intestines or fried canary to remove from its edges. In 1886, Dr. John Pemberton made one of the most famous in his home in Atlanta – Coca-Cola. Although originally not designed as a drug, walking around the office building in December may indicate that the “red fire” is still widely used today.

Doctors say there is no complete cure for respiratory ailments. There are, however, many ways to prevent severe coma, says Dr. Thivi Maruthappu, a nutritionist and dermatologist. “Avoid beverages such as whiskey, cognac and tequila, which contain congenital antagonists. Colorless drinks are good. ”(And, no doubt, limit your diet.)

Once you are done with one, the NHS provides advice to help reduce the pain of binge drinking, such as drinking broth or isotonic beverages. It also recommends avoiding alcohol consumption for at least 48 hours: “Of course,” says Dr Maruthappu, “relaxation makes this technique easier to follow.”

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