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Joe Biden’s battles have just begun

Most of the Democrats I know have an opinion in Joe Biden’s leadership. The man is like the political Yoda, using the State Party to solve economic problems from the time of his illness in 100 days. Wake Work Plan, Managing dementia problems and move to move the country to a more productive path work not for wealth including the changes that many expect to see over the years. This includes high labor standards and fair taxes, funding for health care, child care and education, and more power chains. Even Republicans are riding on things like better roads and broadband.

Some of Biden’s demands, such as to use the alliance in government relations and to protect US trade, it could happen with the beating of a pen in the White House. But billions of dollars’ worth of initiatives will be needed across Congress. This depends on keeping most Democrats’ slim House (Senate split 50-50). Even if the plans are passed, implementation will be difficult.

The details of many of the programs – how they will be released, which agencies (government or federal) will oversee, and how they will provide funding – are still limited. But as concrete plans emerge, they seem to have integrated trade between many interest groups. That is where hard work begins.

First, there are considerations to be made between politics and ideology, which are crucial before the general election, when Democrats can lose their share in the house.

Research shows that both Republicans and Democrats want funding to work on new bridges and Broadband. The question is where does the money come from. The majority of construction workers voted for Donald Trump in the last election. Voters, many of whom are in the developing world, want to spend extra time on shovels that will attract more workers, which the President has approved. speaking last week in Congress, calling him his job to create a “blue collar” plan to “build better”.

Rebuilding bridges and roads is important and provides opportunities for cutting. But connector connector In uninhabited areas, some of them are rural but most of them live in large cities, which is very important. However these attempts are not very obvious. Early businesses go to waste instead of people, and the process of connecting cable and fiber is slow. The same goes for things like semiconductor stimulation. Building a foundation takes years, not months.

This confirms the conflict between short-term sustainability compared to long-term needs. The US stock market especially business capitalists want faster results and greater output. But rebuilding the industry and shifting to a green economy is a ten-year goal. It may require new long-term investments, such as a construction bank, not to mention a commitment to corporate principles.

It also needs the support of partners. The conflict between what will sell at home as opposed to what will be exported can be a major problem for the president. In a statement to Congress, Biden said he had met with world leaders who believe the US has “returned” but wants to know “for how long?” Europeans need to rely on American political stability before they can form a democratic trade, trade tax and technology, especially because of the importance of Cooperation between China and the EU.

Europe and America need each other and must work together to create the digital partnership it provides the way to favor democracy the Beijing governmental system, or the independent Big Tech regimes represented by Silicon Valley groups. But even as Europe realizes that its long-term interests are being protected and strengthening ties with Washington instead of Beijing, whites and Americans have a wide range of groups that are pushing forward and defending.

For example, witnesses, Apple and Google are at war with Bayer, Nokia and BASF over the legitimacy of the 2000’s. Or European concerns over US law. Germany will be indifferent to what is happening, with the US pushing the country to choose between 5G and chip. In this war, German retailers, which export to the US and China, have a lot to lose. As one U.S. diplomat told me recently: “Germany is trying to get along with China, and they can’t.”

Even Biden may not be the most influential president and the one who seems to be the easiest at Big Tech. Silicon Valley is a major attraction in Washington, with politicians of all stripes in his pocket. The program of Uberization of many kinds of work, failure of freedom fighters organizing corporate companies like Amazon, is a fact that independent regulators should not be violated because they should be senior to protect the American economy all undermine Biden’s vision of “working and not wealth”. This political war of Yoda has just begun.

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