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Jill of Resident Evil, Leon and Nemesis coming to ‘Dead by Daylight’

it’s a lot of fun Four men, depending on the crossovers. In five years DBD has been circulating, Behaeve Interactive has added awesome images including Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, Ash from Evil Dead, and . For its next chapter, DBD pulls on another horrible horrible license: Resident Evil.

Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine have joined the survivors. There will also be a new assassin through Nemesis (later known as Cruel). Nemesis is able to use the plot in a temporary attack. If they hit a survivor with it, they get the T-Virus virus. When Nemesis affects survivors, it becomes stronger as its power grows. Survivors of the virus are also coughing and it is easy for Nemesis to find them. Survivors are able to fight off the T-Virus with a vaccine that is spread on the map.

Nemesis can also send zombies to attack survivors. They are the first enemies AI-powered to join and gives players a new challenge. Zombies can also infect survivors with T-Virus.

Not to be outdone, Jill and Leo bring new skills (or essentials) to the game. Jill could detonate land mines on a generator that explodes when the killer tries to destroy it. Meanwhile, Leon is able to make bracelets on the map, which can be used to distract or make the killer temporary.

Along with Nemesis, Jill and Leon, a new map is on the way. Source: Raccoon City Police Department from and he repeats. Because the team focused on promotions Dead and NoonViews, this is the first map to start since last June.

The Resident Evil chapter DLC package will be available on June 15, which is Dead and NoonFifth anniversary. It will be $ 12. You can too modern chapter

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