Business News share shares are jumping after the $ 3.1bn Hong Kong IPO

Shares of Chinese religious groups increased by 14% since the company earned $ 3.1bn in one of Hong Kong’s largest donations this year.

JD Logistics is the equivalent of the US-based technical team at Amazon. The company offers 90% of the package one day or the next to parent, the largest customer, but is focused on providing support and assistance to other customers.

The first offering comes as the Chinese government keep checking technically in this country. The JB Logistics stock market in Beijing reached nearly $ 36bn with a sell-off in Hong Kong on Friday.

While the agency benefited from an increase in online purchases during the Covid-19 epidemic, its IPO was less optimistic than when the company first released the inventory a few months ago.

“The stock market was hot at the time,” Yu Yui, head of JD Logistics, told FT. “For JD Logistics, our IPO is timely, not expansive… As [price] it’s fine, I think that’s fine. ”

The researchers say the fall was due to lower prices for SF Holdings shares and an increase in JD Logistics as it puts more money into building materials.

The group has added 200 storage facilities in the last six months. Unemployment grew to Rmb1.5bn ($ 235.3m) in the first quarter while revenue rose 64% annually to Rmb22.4bn.

“In the final analysis, he said he would spend a lot of money in 2021, then the estimates would come down,” said a Hong Kong expert.

IPO is the second release of, whose health share raised $ 3.5bn in Hong Kong IPO in December. fintech’s hand pulled the desired IPO at the Star market in Shanghai last month within the event.

Yu Yui, CEO of JD Logistics, said he was confident the company’s business would continue to grow rapidly © Ryan McMorrow

Last year, JD Logistics earned half of its revenue from carrying the package of its parent But the business segment that is looking for foreign clients is growing rapidly, drawing a record high of three dates for the first quarter.

JD Logistics’s export customer service “was our idea when we decided to make money in 2018”, said Colin Guo, a colleague at Sequoia Capital China. “If they only had JD requirements, most of them could be linked to JDs – which is why businesses and administrators aimed to bring in foreign customers.”

The company had 190,000 foreign customers from December.

“JD Logistics is one of our third-largest retailers. It’s useful and affordable – in China there are many ways to work,” said Anderson Peng, vice president of Skechers China’s footwear retailer.

Yu said another way to grow JD Logistics was called ecommerce advertising for video programs such as ByteDance of Douyin, China of TikTok, and Kuaishou, as well as retailers on WeChat’s Tencent platform. “We can provide support to all,” he said.

JD Logistics’ 190,000 carriers have also started offering individual packages. Shipping a 1kg bag of apples from Beijing to Shanghai costs about Rmb16, says a 28-year-old woman named Yang. “More and more people are aware of our content and are starting to use it,” he added.

While researchers at the Bernstein research team reported that JD Logistics’ logistics activity of 14% of fundraisers last year, said Chinese arms companies are highly competitive with prices falling by about 10% a year over the past decade.

They also added that the low prices of JD Logistics and sales are pushing for profit in the near future.

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