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Jackbox offers ‘practice friends’ to rebuild your social skills

There is a good chance for you social skills are gone a year after the closure of COVID-19, and Jackbox game thinks it can help you remember how to be human now that the epidemic is over (hopefully? Maybe? Please?) is about to end. Starting next week, Jackbox will give you the opportunity to sign up for free “trial friends” that will remind you how to connect with other people. You have to Enter and compete for a limited space, but enter and you will have 30 minutes of “non-judgmental”Jackbox Party Pack game time with a team that can help you refine your conversational skills.

Obviously, this is probably part of the Jackbox app. Find a good time with your friends and find out what you need to send Jackbox Party Pack 7, in depth to share the good you have restored.

Please contact Jackbox to find out more about how this works, including who to contact and how the project will be completed.

Is this an advertising strategy? Absolutely. It is also a symbolic moment – it signifies the end of a long distance, to be interact with more people through videos. If all goes well, this will also be a competitive campaign that you will never see again.

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