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Ivan Duque The famous President of Colombia in history: Research | Human Rights Issues

There has been a lot of pressure on the Duque amid anti-government protests in recent weeks.

Colonel Ivan Duque, who has faced anti-government protests in recent weeks, has become the country’s most unpopular president, according to a new poll.

A telephone survey of 1,200 people by Invamer pollster found that 76 percent of those surveyed were dissatisfied with what the right-wing politician was president for – compared to 59% in February.

Tuesday’s devastation hit a 74-% unconstitutional record set by Conservative Andres Pastrana, who was President from 1998 to 2002 and led peace talks with left-wing activists.

Duque’s popularity has plummeted since then riots broke out at the end of April, beginning at a abandoned now tax system.

A protester in Bogota holding up a placard reading in Spanish: ‘Get out of Duque’ [File: Fernando Vergara/The Associated Press]

Demands for the protests have intensified, including the elimination of social change, the end of violence in the country, and the resolution of economic inequalities.

The loss of security has left many dead, even the payment of an undisclosed amount. Officially, 43 people have died in the protests since anti-government protests began.

Invamer’s poll also showed that 89% of Colombians support protests that shake the country, and 56% have negative police attitudes.

The protests continued after the President scrapped the tax bill [Joaquin Sarmiento/AFP]

However, 60% rejected the measures that others had taken, while 61% agreed with the deployment of troops to deal with the damage.

Protests against protests have brought worldwide judgment, though Duque says the military is behind the violence.

Last week, former President and Nobel Peace Prize winner Juan Manuel Santos urged Duque to take part in police crackdown.

“We want more hands, we need to be more compassionate and humble, and for the government to recognize: ‘Look, we have suffered’,” Santos told W Radio.

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