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‘It’s Winter’ Is Not a Game of Fun

“There is no waiting for you. Just a broken radio, loneliness, and endless snow. That’s how Ilia Mazo, brain back It’s Winter, Introduces players to his games on Steam. That’s great, even the Muscovite – and he’s also not far off.

For a solid price of $ 9.99, you will find the game intentionally with no plot, purpose, or characters. Resetting of the sandbox on a lonely night that stays (and revolves) a khrushchyovka: one of the worst, preab-like offices of the largest buildings in the USSR. With the work of the “post-Soviet sad 3D,” he tells me, another kind of melting exercise.

Get in your Soviet shoes, and you’ll find almost anything that doesn’t mix. The radio – if you can afford it – is screaming in a mix of Russian industry and music. It’s Mazo singing. Although he admitted that he did not have the ability to sing, he recorded and released three combined albums throughout the show.

And that is not all. There is also a short film, anthology poem, and a cartoon text, each worse than the last. From my experience in this center and region, none of these give a consistent signal. A Russian friend told me: “You can live in Vyborg, you can live in Vladivostok, or wherever you live.”

That’s the point, I think. The parallel is the wound left over in the production of the time chimawire. (Eyes, shamelessly, later admitted that the site was a photograph of a friend’s house in Petrozavodsk.)

So there is a break in sixty chairs, a refrigerator with food, and a shower to keep you busy. Look in the right place, and you will also find confusing guidance about the type you are, mentally. It’s not good. Box eaten half of the pressure drug, stuck under the sink. Private notes, hand bites in Cidillic spidery.

In order to have an indie vignette, this detail is irrelevant – you can search for your neighbor’s trash to hear more about his life, or you can save it with a microwave microwave. If you are like me, however, you will get tired of grumbling inside. The real art lies in the passing of the night, exploring its neighbors in all its dystopian glory.

That’s all It’s Winter advertising -and, if you are in such a thing, it is based on the head. Playgrounds, stairwells, shopping malls ali any location is more unpleasant and frustrating than the last. It interferes with pornography on its most visible pages – which has been a long way from the west.

According to a local fan club, that’s the real deal. “It’s a very accurate picture of a well-known Russian house, on a typical Russian street,” said one athlete. “If you come from the first country in the world, play this game. Play, rejoice in its appearance, and rejoice that you were not born in a cold and lifeless place. ”

That’s kind of the key to appreciation It’s Winter; it should be seen as a professional career and not a sport, a temporary event and a cold northern life. According to internal statistics, even the most ardent fans played almost two hours of play. (There are always vendors, though: One player spent 36.3 hours volunteering.)

It’s Winter It may be a bit of a reading, but it’s not the first of its kind. Travel sims, as they are little known, are as stressful and amazing, as Dan Golding’s Goose Game. They can also hit hard: Take Mary Flanagan [domestic], rebuilding the burning house that the author encountered as a child. Or That dragon, Cancer, a well-known drama that describes the experience of a parent as an infant struggles with the disease. It’s Winter they live right in the middle of the two camps – not really deep, but it gives them a chance to think.

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