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Biden may have to choose between social and economic


Even the greatest democratic leader of years past chose his own wars. As Franklin Roosevelt put it New Performance in economics, he has preserved much of the cultural past. Because of human rights it was changed in another generation. Strong immigration laws was retained, while pressured Europeans applied for admission. If there were any problems after Jazz on the air, it wasn’t just in Washington. Hollywood, another capital, has begun enforcing its laws against bad topics.

It is difficult to explain the reason for the change in material conditions and the layoffs in those years. But one doctrine makes itself. There is a small change that people experience at one time. If economic conditions improve, people will want to settle down and even relocate. From this point of view, the conflicts of the 1960s can be regarded as ethnic conflicts that are trying to change dramatically in many places in a very short period of time.

The question is Roosevelt’s he is said to be the heir they have accepted the ban. Recent growth of swelling suggested that an uprising against President Joe Biden’s Government was on the way. But it is not his financial courage that is unique. It just happened by chance and some big change.

Violence has been on the rise US cities for a while now, turning the movement at least a generation. At the same time, the southern border has been a place of mourning and outcry for a long time. The leaders were “Meet” with more immigrants there in April than in each month since the beginning of the century. Then – the third source of social insecurity – there are other problems that lie under the neologism of the day, the “resurrection”, and its full significance in the first change in freedom of speech.

Even when combined, these conflicts do not make a difference. Nor can the president say he is their secretary general. The crisis began under the leadership of Donald Trump. Unusual politics have been raging west left since France philosophy took a temporary change in the 1960s.

But if social disorder is not her whole problem, then it is her problem. Americans are being asked to retire economically doctrine at the same time a change of circumstances. In an effort to address the problem, Congress is currently concerned with tax evasion and police reform. This will be difficult to sell on their own. Biden is trying it all at once. It’s easy to do from someone who many would think would retire after high-end drama President.

The idea that economic and social change is inherent in nature is relatively new. History often encourages the formation of security agencies that are as stable as ever. Clement Attlee in Britain, Charles de Gaulle in France and Otto von Bismarck in Germany are the most serious cases. For them, the new division was a global glue, not a source of “justice”, and changed something better in succession at the same time.

In other words, what Biden is trying to do – change against the ever-increasing change – it’s annoying not only in terms of American politics but also politics. It helps him to be, because of old age and voting history, a motivated person. Don’t expect the picture to fade if voters start to feel involved.

A simple mistake in politics is to assume that the ideas that are best polished on their minds combine to become popular. Instead, voters do not hear the notes, they hear the voices. Many changes can be exhausting and confusing even to those who admire them. It is not Biden’s opinion that calls for a reversal of the electoral process, especially its quantity, quantity and simultaneous.

Gustave Flaubert’s law of extravagance (“stay calm and calm in your life”, said the author, “to be violent and first in your career”) also applies to politics. If Biden were to undergo a further collapse, such as 1932 or 1980, when people were listening to a new course, they could have a license for all the changes.

Instead they won a clear but no-nonsense fashion against a particularly unfit the protagonist of the year established in the history of the world. Congress is in the hands of the Democratic only and less leaves. It is a weak responsibility that can relieve a lot of work. Those who know him say that the president has saved his whole life from growing up over time. It’s a good change, but no one should think they’re working.


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